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Best Italian Food Souvenirs To Take Home

Who doesn't want to take a piece of Italy home after a holiday? Something that you wish you could do, every time that you are visiting Italy. This is such a beautiful country, that most tourists wish they could pack in their suitcase and take it home. This isn’t possible, but here are my suggestions on the best Italian food souvenirs you can take home. To purchase certain souvenirs and other treats that will remind you about your Italian holiday.

Italian wine

Something that many people know is that Italian wine is really popular. People all over the world order it online, or look for Italian wine brands at their local supermarkets and delis. But nothing really beats buying it directly from Italy. This way, you are sure that your wine will be of the highest quality. But you also have the added benefits of being able to ask locals for recommendations, and maybe discovering a new favourite.

If there is one thing that you should take home from your Italian trip, it's a bottle of Italian wine. For drinking, for gifting, for storing and as a keepsake. There are different types of Italian wine and you will find one that will remind you about Italy.

Italian Food Gifts
A bottle of virgin olive oil

Not only is Italy known for making olive oil, but this is also one of the main ingredients used in making food. They don’t use normal vegetable oil, like most other countries. Thus, what is better to bring home than a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil, to recreate your Italian experience?

You will not find another bottle of olive oil for that price and quality, and this will be a great piece of Italy that you can take home. If you love preparing your food with olive oil, then taking more than one bottle home is recommended.

Italian pastries or sweet things

There are so many Italian desserts that you can purchase in Italy. Each region has a wealth of confectionery items, local pastries and baked goods and sweets. Italian confections are so good that people in other countries can only dream about them, as they are too expensive or really hard to find.

The best way to take Italy home is to purchase one of these sweet things and take them home with you. You can pick sugar-coated almonds, the famous Italian confetti; or some traditional Italian chocolate, either a branded one like Venchi or Gianduia or packaged ones like coffee-flavoured Pocket Coffee and Ferrero Rocher. As long as you have something sweet in your suitcase, you are taking Italy home with you.

Yes, it is possible to take Italy home with you. By being creative. By purchasing a food souvenir that will remind you of Italy every time that you are using it in the kitchen, or sharing it with friends at dinner, or as a gift. Other ideas include pasta, cheese, beer, liquors and spirits and bread that you won’t find anywhere else. To prepare Italian food, in your own kitchen. Next time when you visit Italy, make sure that you are taking Italy home with you with some Italian food souvenirs.