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Why Italy Is Actually The Land Of Chocolate

This is one thing that I am convinced of: that Italy is actually the land of chocolate. You might be wondering why? When you visit Italy, you will understand why I am saying this. There is just nothing better than eating Italian chocolates. 

Walking down the street, and what do I see?

Walking down an Italian street, what will you see everywhere? Chocolate store one after the other. Some are popular chocolatiers, some are chocolate and sweets shops, and others are coffee shops where you can purchase delicious chocolate drinks.

Italy really is the land of chocolate because it is everywhere, inviting us to eat as many chocolates as possible. Even if you are on a diet, or just eating healthy food, you will be tempted to buy a chocolate or two. I know that I just bought chocolates myself.

Chocolate drinks, chocolate treats, and even chocolate desserts

When you are thinking about chocolates, you might just think about the chocolate bars that you can purchase in your local supermarket. Maybe a chocolate cake comes to mind as well. But, for me, from the experience of living in Italy, many different things come to mind.

I am thinking about the delicious chocolate drinks, chocolate treats and chocolate desserts that I can order in restaurants. Perhaps not really a great thing for someone who is trying to live healthily. This is the problem with Italy. You can’t go a day without thinking about delicious food, chocolates and treats. Not if you have a sweet tooth as I do. Especially if you love the Lavolio Nutty Forest Italian confectionary just as much as I do.

Italian Chocolate London
It is so difficult to choose between the different famous Italian chocolate brands

Only those that love chocolate as much as I do, will know how many different Italian chocolate brands there are. But, there is really nothing out there quite like my handmade chocolate treats from Lavolio. Since Italy is the land of chocolate, I had to bring some of it to my sweets shop in London. Lavolios perfectly combine nuts, the best quality Italian chocolate and delicious ingredients like spices and floral notes. 

However, I like the Caffarel and Perugina brands as well. What is the chocolate brand that you like most?

If you never have tried Italian chocolates before, now is the time to try it. You have famous chocolate like Gianduia. A famous chocolate cake like Torta Tenerina, typical of the city of Ferrara. The biscuits Pan di Stelle or chocolate-filled Baci di Dama, lady's kisses. Even chocolate salami!You will regret that you waited so long before trying this heavenly taste of Italian chocolates.

Chocolate in Italy is just as popular as Pizza and pasta, and just as delicious. Chocolate in Italy is everywhere and in everything. If you love chocolates, ordering Italian chocolates or going to Italy trying their chocolates is a must. For me, there is nothing better than drinking hot chocolate in the mornings and enjoying a chocolate dessert after dinner.