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Lavolio Is So Much Better Than A Box Of Chocolates

At Lavolio, we believe that one of our tins is so much better than a box of chocolates.

Offering a box of Lavolio to your loved ones for the first time is truly a magical way to surprise and delight them: I can assure you that, unlike the traditional box of chocolates, they would not have seen or tasted anything like my confectionery before.

You have the tin in front of you. It is a beautiful, designer tin, inspired by Italian fashion and beauty products. It is meant to be kept, a gorgeous reminder of the delicious treats that once were inside, and you will now be able to give it new life. It’s exclusive and unique, delicate and original at the same time. It really is the perfect gift, whether you are looking for a deliciously different birthday present, you want to bring something special to a dinner party or want to treat yourself to a moment of sophisticated indulgence.

You open the tin, unwrapping the delicate glassine to unveil the colourful little gems inside. The fragrance is delicious, and you pick one dainty bite between your fingers, not knowing what will be inside. You bite through the crisp sugar shell to discover a luxurious filling. It could be soft all the way through, a voluptuous sphere of marzipan or chocolate. It could be soft and slightly chewy, encasing a piece of real fruit, perhaps a juicy apricot, a tempting cherry or a zesty lemon.

After tasting a layer of indulgent chocolate you might discover a crunchy nut, or a flavour explosion of spices: warming cinnamon, aromatic ginger, refreshing aniseed, mellow saffron or a hint of chilly. It could be a delicate and floral filling with notes of rose and violet, or rich and robust coffee. Each collection is different, and you cannot stop until you have tried them all, as each little sweet is a new surprise, you need to know what each of them hides inside their shell. With five signature collections and thirty different flavours, you will find a delightful sweet to please everyone.


I had a very different job before becoming a confectioner extraordinaire: when my life changed, I decided to follow my heart and make a career out of my true passions, food and cooking. That’s how Lavolio began. It is because of that passion that I support small-scale Italian producers. I am proud to work with artisans who meticulously handcraft my delicious confectionery using techniques that have been passed down through their families from generation to generation: it can take up to five days to make a single flavour.

I work with family-run artisan businesses, some of whose history in confectionery-making dates back to the early 1800’s. Quality is of the utmost importance to me: for my Lavolios we only use premium fresh ingredients, and my luxury confectionery is gluten free and slow food approved.

Lavolio is the next exciting thing after chocolate. I believe in creating the perfect indulgent treat, which is beautifully designed and brings you a new, more memorable taste experience. It truly is an extraordinary gift experience.