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Luxury Favours For The Celebration Of A Small Wedding

Weddings have a special meaning and hold immense value for the loving couple. And one of the ways to make a small wedding more special is through luxury favours.

Church weddings are sober while some other modern weddings are generally effervescent. Vibrant flowers, loud music, and a lot of merriment – this is what weddings are for. Besides revelry, small wedding favours are an integral part of weddings.

Favours for the perfect celebration don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Having wedding favour ideas can put you in a nice position, giving the couple valuable time to focus on other elements of the wedding, and help them stay within their budget, which is the true meaning of luxury small wedding favours.

Wedding Favour Ideas: Choosing Made Easy

Selecting ideal wedding favours is an art. Depending on the wedding theme the groom and the bride choose, selecting appropriate wedding favours that will match your ideas will be easy. There are several new-age wedding favours, like personalised ones, ideal for weddings that are contemporary but with the essence of tradition.

Wedding Favours Options

Normally, the about-to-be-newly-wedded couple wants to select something small, meaningful and stylish. Many couples choose to make their own favour themselves. Buying small objects or sweets and presenting them to their guests in handmade pouches or boxes. 

I went to a winter wedding once where the bride and groom chose gloves for their wedding favours. I know a couple who made scented candles for each of their guests - this is what's possible when you're hosting a small wedding. Necklaces for women and ties for men. Personalised keychains or other small useful objects. I love the idea of personalised mugs, maybe filled with something delicious? Like hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows. The time of year also matters as it will influence what object would make an appropriate wedding favour.

 Lavolio wedding favours with bow personalised in beautiful luxury pastel colour tin with delicious almonds candy sweets perfect occasion and weddigs simple elegant bespoke handmade italian confectionery

Personalised and Bespoke Wedding Favours

 Welcome to the world of personalised gifting. Regardless of the season, at Lavolio Boutique Confectionery, you can find adorable miniature metal tins filled with handmade Italian confectionery. And what's more, you can personalise these tins to match your wedding theme. These gifts are not very expensive, and if enhanced with thoughtfulness and creativity, they make ideal small wedding favours. But still with a touch of luxury to them.

You can add stickers with a calligraphy message or logo. Or the date of the wedding. Inside the tins, you can decide to insert leaflets with a personal message. You can select coloured ribbons, which the team at Lavolio ties by hand. Even, you can create a bespoke mix of confectionery flavours. 


Favours are the bride and groom's way of welcoming to their small wedding. Also, they're thanking you for coming. They want to ensure that you'll remember the celebration for a long time.

Because weddings are very special occasions which call for favours just as special. Whether they are large weddings with one thousand guests, or a small cosy wedding. If you can splurge, go for it, but there are many luxury favours which won't break the bank. This season, be original with your favours options, and, why not? supporting a small business like Lavolio in the meantime.