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Marrons Glacés & Meringues Bicchierini

An Italian Treat

Marrons Glaces are considered in Italy a little caramelised joy, with an ancient flavour that reminds us of our beloved roasted chestnuts, the famous “caldarroste”.

What is this original Italian street food?

“Caldarroste” is a traditional street food to be eaten while walking in the cold of winter days.

Served in the classic "foil" by street vendors, roasted chestnuts were probably the first example in the world of "street food".

The Italian streets, even now as then, are still full of “caldarrostai" that, with a live fire, place the chestnuts on a specific pan, called a chestnut pan. 

This has holes in the bottom and a long handle.

Modern way of making roasted chestnuts 

Nowadays they normally use a rotating basket, driven by an electric motor, which guarantees optimal cooking of the chestnuts, without risk of burns. This reminds me of the way we make our Lavolio coated chocolates using revolving copper barrels.

Why are these chestnuts called “caldarroste?”

The name probably derives from the "slogans" that the sellers of the past shouted to attract passers-by. 

"Hot and roasted (calde e arrosto), come and get the good chestnuts" had to be such a phrase that the roasted chestnuts used to convince potential customers.

How to eat your roasted marrons 

Caloric and warm, they were and still are a good way to fill yourself and find some comfort from the cold while walking down the street. 

From roasted to caramelised chestnuts

Apparently, candied chestnuts appeared in chestnut-growing areas in northern Italy and southern France shortly after the crusaders returned to Europe with sugar.

Cooking withsugar allowed creation of new confectioneries.

Here at Lavolio, we like to share the flavours of our past and to offer you a complete experience that can give you a taste of our memories.Did you know that you can also make fantastic desserts with Marrons Glaces?

If you need inspiration for a recipe with these delectable sweets, you have to try these small glasses with Marrons Glacés and Meringues.

Soft as a cloud with a crunchy kick that leaves you a sweet and cosy feeling.

It’s a simple, quick and incredibly delicious treat.

For the perfect end of the day.

What do you need?
  • Lavolio Marrons Glacés
  • Meringue Nests
  • Whipped cream (or, if you feel inspired, you can make a Chantilly cream with whipping cream and vanilla powdered sugar)

To prepare the marrons glacés and meringues glasses, start by cutting the marrons glacés into small pieces and coarsely crumbling the meringues with your hands.

If you use Chantilly cream: whip the cream with 50 g of vanilla powdered sugar.

At this point you can assemble the glasses: make a first layer with the marron glacé, then a layer of cream, one of crumbled meringue and then another of cream. 

Continue until all ingredients are used up.

Finish with a layer of cream to be garnished with a few pieces of marron glace and meringue.

You can prepare the glasses in advance (even the night before) and keep them in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

A doddle to make, impossible to resist.

This is the last useful time of the season to taste these delicacies.

Do you want to miss this opportunity?