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Everything You Thought You Knew About Italian Cuisine

I'm sure everyone thinks they know a lot about Italian cuisine. What foods are authentic or not, and what Italian eating habits look like. Italians always eat more than a one-course meal, and they have huge family dinners. Pizza and pasta are their main meals and they know how to party. This is some of the things that people think about when they think about Italian meals and cuisine. 

But, have you thought for one minute that these might just be myths about Italians? That they might eat more than just pizza and pasta. And, that they don’t really eat as much as what you might have thought. These are just some of the myths about Italian food and Italian cuisines that you thought were the truth.

Italians always eat multiple course meals

Don’t get us wrong. Yes, Italians are more than prone to eat multiple-course meals on occasions. They do know how to party, and to enjoy their delicious food. However, this is mostly for special occasions.

With everyday meals, they eat just as much as we do. Breakfast in the morning, lunch and dinner. One-course meals with every meal, perhaps accompanied by a side dish. Sometimes dinner can include a pudding as well. But, always having a three or four-course meal isn’t the truth.  

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Italian food is always carbohydrates and cheese

We need to agree, there are some really unhealthy Italian meals that you can enjoy in Italy. Pasta and pizza meals that are flavorful and not on the healthy side. However, this doesn’t mean that all the food in Italy is heavy on carbohydrates.

There are many healthy options available that are just as delicious. You will be surprised by the number of healthy meal options that you can find in Italy. Italians have great proteins and veggies available and know how to treat them properly when it comes to cooking. Just make sure you study your menu before ordering and do not be afraid to try something new. 

Italians eat huge breakfasts in the morning

Contrarily to what you might expect, Italians do not have huge breakfasts, at least not when they are in Italy. A typical breakfast involves coffee, and something sweet, like a French or Italian pastry. 

You can enjoy a cappuccino after a meal at an Italian restaurant

Enjoying a cappuccino after a meal is something common that people do all over the world. But, however much Italians love their coffee, cappuccinos are really not for after meals. They are more of a morning treat, for breakfast, and people will look strangely at you for ordering one during or after your meals. Espresso, on the other hand, is the perfect way to conclude a true Italian meal, together with Lavolio Italian chocolate treats. Perfect foodie gifts in London. 

Now, you know some of the myths behind Italian foods and cuisines. For us, this might sound strange, but for them, this is everyday things that they are used to. Now you know that they don’t always eat more than a one-course meal every day, and they don’t eat a huge breakfast in the morning.