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Prosecco. Everything You Should Know About It

Only those who have visited Italy before or who love their wines will know exactly what Prosecco is. If you think that this is just another wine from Italy, you should think again.

The more you will get to know about it, the better you will understand why so many people want this wine, when they are visiting Italy and outside. Most people thinkthat this is just another name for champagne. It looks similar and also tastes similar, but it's so much more than that. Now, there is nothing better than a glass of prosecco and some expensive Italian chocolates to have the great finale to any special evening. For those who don’t know what it is, this is a guide to let you understand why this is such a great Italian wine.

What is Prosecco

Prosecco wine is sparkling wine that you can only find in a specific area. It is found near the city of Trieste in north-eastern Italy. And this is why this is such an expensive and exotic wine. It can’t be found just anywhere in Italy.

The wine is mostly made from Glera grapes, also known as Prosecco grapes, but it can also include Verdiso, Bianchetta Trevigiana, and Perera grapes. It normally depends on what type of grapes are available for producing the wine. 

Italian prosecco gifts
Is this similar to champagne? Prosecco vs Champagne 

This Italian sparkling wine looks really similar to champagne, and it almost tastes the same. This is why so many people are confusing prosecco wine for champagne. However, there is a huge difference between these two. The most important difference is the grapes that are being used and the method used to produce the wine.

With champagne, there is sugar and yeast added to normal wine, to get the sweet, sparkling taste. With the prosecco wine, they don’t add the sugar or yeast. And, they are making use of the traditional tank method for producing the wine.

Do you want to purchase a Prosecco gift basket?

Now that you know how special the prosecco wine is, you might want to purchase one for your family or for a loved one. But, as said before, finding this wine outside of Italy is hard and can be really expensive as well. However, we have good news.

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Prosecco wine is something that many people love to drink. But, outside Italy, this can be expensive and hard to find. Now that you know that it isn’t the same as champagne, you can now drink it at your next party. If you are looking for the perfect gift, you can purchase the Lavolio Prosecco willow hamper. Ensuring that you are getting real Italian chocolates and a real Italian wine in a gift basket. Making sure that you remember Italy, or to make sure that someone you love to experience some of Italy’s fine wine.