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Reading In Heels

Are you an avid reader? Do you like books like Nicotine by Nell Zink, or All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg? And do you like surprises too? Then you’d be glad to discover the subscription offered by Reading in Heels.

Reading in Heels is an amazing online subscription service that offers you the best in modern literature and some little extras like treats and beauty products.

For only £10 a month (plus packaging and postage), you’ll get a fabulous new book, surprise beauty creams and lotions, and delicious treats, like teas and chocolates - and for this month, your favourite luxury handmade Italian confectionery from Lavolio.

All delivered directly to your front door!

And what adds to the excitement is that your monthly subscription is always a surprise.

So you’re always curiously waiting for what’s coming next month.

With Reading in Heels, you not only get your “goodie bag” through your front door every month, but you can also join a large group of like-minded people, who much like you, enjoy good reads and surprise treats, by sharing your own review of the latest Reading in Heels book, directly to their website. Fancy yourself like a critic? Then why not give it a try?

When you subscribe to Reading in Heels you are free to stop at any time but longer subscription options, like their 6 or 12 months ones, offer you discounts.

I had the opportunity to meet Alice, from Reading in Heels, at this year’s Top Drawer, a massive event at London Olympia, where some of the best and most exquisite products around are displayed for buyers from all over the world.

Once we started chatting about Reading in Heels and Lavolio it just made perfect sense to join forces, and offer some of your favourite artisan-made sweets as a treat to all Reading in Heels subscribers.

As an experienced creator of bespoke chocolatey options (you probably know by now that Lavolio offers a wide range of wedding, events and corporate experiences), I was able to put something together that fit in with Reading in Heels style and personality, still maintaining Lavolio’s classy and sophisticated Italian feel and look.

And the sweetest thing of all, as always, is receiving some great feedback from some of the many Reading in Heels subscribers.

Lovely people like Katie Deacon (on Instagram as curly_katie), Cathy Owen (cowen84), or Megan (meganjanelamb), who not only commented on the Reading in Heels surprises they got this month, but also shared some great photos online!

I loved emeeting all of these new people, and I was so happy to hear all their comments about my Lavolio Nutty Mini Eggs, from this month’s Reading in Heels box.

It really makes my day to hear that a brand new taster loved my creations as much as I enjoy hand making them.

Before going, I wanted to take a moment to thank Alice and all the team at Reading in Heels, for their care and attention, and the amazing service they are providing (and incredible idea too)! And I also wanted to thank all the lovely Reading in Heels' subscribers who have been sharing their opinion of my Lavolios and their lovely pictures too.

If you also like this idea,  join my new Reading in Heels friends to see what next month will bring. It’s fab.