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Say Thank You With A Chocolate Gift Hamper From Italy

If you are just like me, then you will know that just saying “thank you” with words isn’t enough.

For saying thank you is more than just words. The only real way to show your gratitude is to give a heartfelt gift. There isn’t anything better than giving a gift hamper full of goodies and chocolates to someone who really means something to you.

It can be for your mother, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. A gift hamper is a perfect gift. This is if you know what to add to the gift hamper if you are making your own, which I think is always better than ordering a pre-made one.

Making your own gift hamper

You might be just as busy as I am, but ordering a gift hamper just isn’t the same. When you are making a hamper yourself, it's a much better way to say thank you to that special someone. You will be able to fill the hamper with things that you know that person will like. Also, building your own gift hamper can be fun.

There are many different places online where you can purchase a wicker hamper. It is fast and cost effective. But will you have any guarantee that the person receiving the gift will appreciate it? Before you order online, I have one question for you. What would you appreciate more? A hamper that was ordered online? Or a hamper where everything was picked personally?

Chocolate Hamper Gift
Ideas about things that you can put into the gift hamper

You don’t need to be creative in order for you to create a thank-you hamper. There are so many things that you can put into it. I have made a couple of them, and if I can do this, so can you.

Adding a bottle of wine and some chocolate treats is are perfect to add to a gift hamper. If this is for a woman, you can even consider a teddy or some perfume as well. It depends if the person is close to you or not.  For a man, you can add aftershave and something personal from his hobby into the basket. The only thing that you should always include in your basket is chocolates. But not just any cheap, cliched chocolate. 

I normally add a box or two of my Lavolio handmade chocolates to my thank you basket. These are not only delicious chocolates, but there are different types of chocolate flavours that you can choose from. And, they are all really delicious. They will make any type of gift hamper special.

Making your own thank you gift basket to someone special is a great gift that the person will not forget. Especially if you choose and make the gift basket yourself. And, don’t forget to add a box of Lavolio Italian chocolate confectionery to the basket. For me, this is the perfect way to say thank you to that person who makes your life better.