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Secret Italian Ingredients

If you think that you know how to prepare a true Italian dish, then you should think again. This is because there are some ingredients in Italy that are added to food, that you might not know about. Secret Italian ingredients that are making common food taste like an original Italian delicacy.

There are so many people all over the world, that think they know how to prepare an Italian meal. However, then they are ending up just making a variety of the main dish.These are some of the secret Italian ingredients that you might want to add to your grocery list to prepare a real Italian dish.

Sheep's Milk Ricotta

You might know ricotta, and you might use it in most of your Italian dishes. What you might not know, is that there is a type of ricotta that you need to try. It is different from the normal ricotta you're used to. This ricotta is made from sheep’s milk.

With this type of ricotta, you will be able to prepare a true Italian dish that will taste better than before. This type of ricotta is freely available in Italy; in London, you just need to know where to look. Try your local deli and cheesemonger. 


You might know Chianti as a wine. And, yes, it is a dry red wine that a lot of people like drinking. However, if you want to make your Italian dish exceptional delicious, you should add Chianti to your dish. This is a secret that not many Italians are talking about.

Many dishes include wine as an ingredient. But, you should not add just any dry red wine you can find. For the best taste, you should use Chianti. If you are worried about alcohol, don't worry: it burns away while cooking!  

Italian Dishes you've not tried before
Fresh Pasta

Have you ever wondered why Italian pasta is so much more delicious than the pasta that you are making at home from a cardboard box? You are using the same toppings as with the Italian pasta dishes, but no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t taste the same.

This is because Italians make fresh pasta before they prepare their meals. They don’t just purchase the pasta in-store like most of us. This is their secret to the best tasting pasta. Their own, homemade pasta.


Yes, you might know that saffron is a spice. But have you ever used it before in your Italian meals? If not, then you didn’t find these secrets yet.

You have tasted many Italian meals, but you can’t identify that one ingredient that is making the dish taste great. This is because that ingredient is saffron. This is a spice that you can use in many different dishes, and it will make any dish taste exceptional. Try it in pasta sauce and you'll see what I mean. 

Ricotta from sheep’s milk, saffron, fresh pasta, and Chianti. These are just some of the secret ingredients that Italians use to prepare their great Italian meals. Now, you know these secrets as well, and you will be able to make any Italian dish, just like a real Italian. There are some other great ingredients that you can use as well that are true Italian ingredients. However, most of these ingredients are still a secret to the outside world.