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Gift Hampers To Treat Your Staff

Staff hampers have many benefits. Both for your employees and your customers and also for the business itself.

This may not be as apparent at first, but their benefits are varied.

Many expect to receive a basket full of food like chocolate, which most people deeply appreciate. Who doesn't like chocolate? Until recently, it was customary to send large gift baskets to employees that were also quite generous. These days, staff hampers are usually not as opulent as they used to be, but they are still very well received.

Corporate Staff Hampers

Giving corporate hampers to employees is one of the gestures they will most appreciate. Employee gifts have a positive effect on the bond they have with the company. Clients can also be given gift hampers, and in the case of clients, it strengthens the ties they have with the business.

Customers and staff will feel highly valued and appreciated, even in a way that goes beyond the professional. And the employees who receive them will be much more motivated to carry out their work.

Giving Hampers Also Has Economic Advantages

In addition to strengthening ties with customers and employees, giving hampers can bring financial benefits. This is because these types of gifts have tax advantages. In some instances, giving hampers is an expense that companies can deduct. Of course, as we have commented, this is not the case in all cases. For this to be so, certain aspects must be taken into account.

If the company is used to giving baskets to its staff and customers, it is part of its uses and customs. They can be deducted from the Corporate Tax. Therefore, the first year they are given away cannot be deducted. It is from the second when it can be deduced because it can be proven to be a custom. For this, it is essential to ensure that they keep all of the invoices for the purchase of the hampers for companies of the first year, or the following years. 

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Gift Staff Hampers To Your Employees

If the staff hampers will be given exclusively to your employees, your gift doesn't need to appear in the collective agreement. There is also no need for it to appear in another additional agreement or specific agreements. Thus, the baskets are considered payments in kind.

Also bear in mind that if the gift hampers that are given to clients and workers display your business or company logo, the value of its content does not exceed a set amount (you can check with your lawyer). This is to ensure that its VAT can also be deducted. This deduction will be possible because, in that case, each basket that is delivered as a gift is considered an advertising object of the company that delivers it.

These advantages mean that giving a gift hamper can bring, in addition to happiness and good humour to customers and employees, economic advantages to the company that buys them as a gift.

Check with the Business who's creating your hampers

Your staff hampers can contain a variety of items. Popular ones are gourmet chocolate boxes, drinks, coffee, cards, company-branded items etc. Always check with the company you're working with to see if they have bespoke options. To ensure that your staff hampers are truly special and personal. Corporate gifts can be quite boring, so put some love into them!

Also remember that many smaller businesses will be happy to work with you to create something special. And, they might even offer you a reduced price for bulk orders. Treat your staff with some gift hampers now! Especially to thank them for their hard work during the challenging COVID era.