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Sweets In A Tin. The Perfect Italian Gift?

Are sweets in a tin the perfect Italian gift?

This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are visiting Italy and they want to take a gift for someone back home. Or when they're in London and are looking for a delicious foodie gift, and want to find something unique. 

What makes sweets in a tin the perfect Italian gift?

You will see that more and more people decide to purchase sweets in a tin, rather than buying some boring, mass-produced chocolate in a plastic box. The question is why? Normally sweets that are stored in a tin are more expensive than those you can get in a normal box.

First of all, because the sweets and chocolates are in a tin, they are packed more securely. Meaning that you will not get broken sweets that often anymore. And, your edible gift will remain a lot fresher for longer. The best part is that when the sweets are all gone, you can keep the tin and use it for something else. A keepsake gift that will last, even after the sweets are eaten.

Perfect for Chocolate lovers

Chocolate lovers are always looking for different chocolates that they can enjoy. And, if you are choosing chocolates for someone, then purchasing some in a tin is perfect.

The chocolates will be staying fresh for longer. They will not melt that easily and they will not break into pieces because the chocolates are falling against each other. And, remember that the chocolates and sweets that are packed into a tin are both high-quality and beautifully presented.

Authentic Italian Chocolate
Tins that can be a collector’s item

Did you know that many people collect tins from different parts of the world? So, if you are buying Italian sweets in a tin, you might make someone really happy.

Tins might not have high value in money, but they can have a lot of value for many people in other ways. Each tin will remind the recipient of the gift the occasion for that gift, what was inside, who gave it to them, and which country it came from. So, if you are looking for a great gift to take home from Italy, or a great Italian gift to get in London or online, sweets in a tin are more than perfect. 

Finding the best sweets in a tin from Italy

The good news is that you will not need to search very long to find sweets in a tin that you can purchase. Especially if you are looking for real Italian sweets in unique tins. There is only one boutique shop in London who sells their own chocolates and sweets in a tin. Or, you can purchase it online as well. It's Lavolio, in Fulham!

Sweets in a tin. It might be more expensive than normal chocolates and sweets, but you are getting two things for the price of one. Especially if you are purchasing it for someone that loves collecting tins as well. A great gift that you can take home for a loved one.