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The Best Branded Corporate Gift: Lavolio Handmade Confectionery

It's that time of year again! The holidays are just around the corner and you're responsible for finding the perfect corporate gift for your boss or client. 

You want something that's unique, delicious, and will leave a lasting impression. 

Look no further than Lavolio handmade confectionery. Here's why: 

The Artisanal Process 

Each Lavolio confection is made by hand using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations of Italian confectioners. This artisanal process results in a product of unparalleled quality. The sweets are lovingly made in small batches to ensure that each one is absolutely perfect. 

You can count on the handwork of our master chocolatiers who create our sweets using a traditional artisan technique.

It takes up to five days to make each sweet. Lavolio produces one layer at a time (chocolate, spices).

A Delicious Flavour 

Lavolio's flavour profile is truly unique. When you bite into one of these confections, you'll be hit with a complex array of flavours that are both surprising and delightful. 

From the zesty tang of the citrus fruit to the rich decadence of the chocolate-covered coffee beans, there's something for everyone to enjoy. 

You can find real pieces of fruits or whole nuts, coated in chocolate or mixed with spices, then covered with a thin sugar shell.

We source only premium quality, gluten-free, vegetarian, artificial free and slow food-approved ingredients.

8 Lavolio Collections

  • Nutty Forest: our best-seller, a mix of different types of nuts and chocolate
  • Arabian Nights: our take on Turkish Delights, very aromatic with Rose, Violet and Ginger.
  • Decadent Spiced: very adult, sophisticated, with coffee and spices.
  • Fruit Garden: real pieces of fruits made into sweeties, real amarena cherries, apricot pieces, lemon zest and so on.
  • Coconut Follies: for lovers of coconut and chocolate nuts.
  • Nutty Mini Eggs: a simple but effective collection of almonds covered with gianduia, white or dark chocolate.
  • Noir Selection: Toasted almonds, Amarena Cherries, Ginger Pieces, Hazelnut Brittle and Cocoa Beans, enrobed in Dark Chocolate and our Lavolio signature thin shell.
  • Vegan Forest:Our vegan treats taste just like the most delicious milk chocolate.

Seasonal Products

In the Lavolio house, there is always some product that comes and goes with the seasons, such as the delicious artisan Panettone and the delicious Marron Glacés.

The flavours of the Italian tradition are a fundamental point for us. Bringing Italian taste and craftsmanship around the world is our mantra. It makes us proud and honoured to represent our beautiful country abroad.

A Gift to Wow and Inspire 

These beautiful confections come packaged in an elegant box that is sure to impress. The box itself is a work of art, with intricate patterns and a luxurious finish. 

Each chocolate is placed inside its own little compartment, so your recipients can choose their favourite flavour or try something new. 

You can choose between Lavolio’s design and the beautiful designs of William Morris, for a unique, elegant and timeless gift.


This holiday season, give your boss or clients a gift they'll remember for years to come: Lavolio handmade confectionary. Delicious sweets that are made using traditional techniques and come packaged in an elegant box that is sure to impress. Order your box today!