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The Secret To Italian Pizza

If you have ever eaten an Italian pizza, you will know that they are just completely different, and taste a million times better than any other pizza.

But how can this be possible? A pizza is supposed to be made the same way. It doesn’t matter if you are in Italy or in America. Pizza has a base, tomato sauce, and toppings. However, there is something about an Italian pizza that is different. This might be the blog post that reveals that secret.

The base

Yes, pizza chefs everywhere use pretty much the same basic ingredients to make a pizza base dough. Some bases are thicker, while others are thinner. Some are made with machines, while others are handmade.

The secret to an Italian pizza is that their dough is normally made with better tasting and better quality ingredients. Also, it is leavened overnight, or even longer.  And, they know how to knead the dough just perfectly. Since pizza was invented in Naples, Italian pizza chefs have made the making and rolling out of the dough a proper art form. The base is where the secret starts. 

The toppings

There are different recipes with different toppings. Even in Italy. However, in Italy, they use specific cheeses and more than one type of cheese. And for sure, their cheeses are higher in quality and better in taste.Mozzarella fiordilatte and buffalo mozzarella are normally the cheeses that make all the difference. Sometimes a little Parmigiano Reggiano for some nuttiness and saltiness.

But while it is no secret that Italians dislike pizza toppings like pineapple, you'd be surprised that one of the most popular pizza flavours that I loved growing up with fries! 

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 The way Italian pizza is baked

There is only one way that a real pizza is baked. In a stone pizza oven, heated by flames. If you are ordering a pizza, and they only have normal ovens, then this is the reason why their pizzas don’t taste the same as Italian pizzas.

Because the dough is leavened for so long, and the wood-fired ovens are so hot, you might be surprised that it only takes 60 seconds for the dough to be cooked! If it takes any longer, then either the dough or the oven is not as good as they should be. Italians only make pizza in the regular oven when they're at home, making from scratch. And even then, they normally use a pizza stone.

 The main secret

The main secret why Italian pizzas taste different from all the other pizzas in the world. It's love! The love and care which go into each and every pizza. For Italians, making food and making pizza isn’t just another job. They are doing it because they love food and love eating. This is why their pizzas taste so much better than our pizzas.

Love. The main ingredient of pizza making. Enjoying putting all the ingredients on top of the base and making sure that everyone comes back for more. This is what is making an Italian pizza so special.

Because of the secret of Italian pizza making, now you will have an idea about why Italian pizzas are so great, and why everyone loves eating pizza in Italy.