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The Top Italian Summer Foods To Try

Italy in summer. Something that you need to experience. Flowers and plants are starting to bloom and trees are getting green again. The weather is starting to get warmer and all the winter ingredients are getting replaced by lovely Italian summer foods.

If you are planning to visit Italy at the beginning of Summer, you need to make sure that you are experiencing the full Italian summer experience. This includes some things that you just need to eat. We are talking about the fruit and vegetables that are in season during the warmer times. The fruit that you will not find anywhere else, and in any other season. These are the top Italian foods to try this summer.


Most of you might say that artichokes aren’t your favourite vegetable. This might be because you didn’t try Italian-grown Artichokes.  Especially during the spring/beginning of summer, when they are at their freshest.

There are so many different ways Italians have to prepare artichokes. From putting them in salads to stuffed artichokes. This is the number one vegetable in spring and summer. If you never have tasted artichokes, then this might be the time that you try it while you are visiting Italy in summer. You will be surprised about how great it actually tastes. Most people also love artichokes in pasta, to add spring to any pasta dish. 

italian summer foods

Another vegetable that not many people like eating is asparagus. Just like the artichokes, the freshest asparagus grow during a very specific season. And, you can make so many different dishes and recipes with the asparagus.

The best part is that this vegetable is cheap during spring in Italy. You will realize that making asparagus the Italian way can give you the best tasting meals that you ever had in Italy. Even, if you don’t like eating asparagus back home. Italian asparagus and British asparagus are quite different! If you really want to have a true spring meal in Italy, look for meals that have asparagus and artichoke as ingredients. Getting the best of both worlds.


There isn’t another place in the world, that has strawberries as sweet as those in Italy. This is a fruit that you can find during the summer in Italy. And because of the huge variety of things that you can do with the strawberries, this is the number one summer berry.

Strawberries and Italian chocolates. What can be better? Strawberries are in-season during summer, and this is also the time where you can find the strawberries at their cheapest. You really can’t visit Italy during spring, and not eat some Strawberries. Or, you can even go picking them fresh at strawberry farms. Making this an experience that you will never forget.

You need to know that these top three fruit and vegetables are a must-try in Italy during summer. Even, if you think that artichoke can’t really taste that good. You just might be in for a huge surprise. It is important to make sure that a visit to Italy during the beginning of summer doesn’t end up without tasting these top in-season fruit and vegetables.