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Top Things To Do & Eat When Visiting Italy For The First Time

Many tourists ask me what the best things to do and eat are in Italy. And, I normally say that there are so many things to do and eat when visiting Italy for the first time that it is hard to name just a couple of things. With this article, I will try and make it easier for you to know what top things to do and to eat when visiting Italy are. Now you don’t need to wonder anymore.

Climb Mount Vesuvius

In earlier years, it wasn’t safe to climb Mount Vesuvius. This was because it is a volcanic mountain that has wiped out a town years ago. However, now the mountain is safe to climb. It truly is wonderful to climb to the top: you can peek inside the cracks of the mountain where the volcanic eruptions took place, and admire the beautiful landscape.

This is something that you won’t see every day, so this is something that you should consider when you are visiting Italy and you are in an adventurous mood.

Visit the Valley of the Temples

The Valley of the Temples is really popular and definitely worth a visit, but there are many tourists who forget about this archaeological site. This is my favourite place to visit, and it should be yours as well. Make time and take your family there. You can even have a picnic while you are there and enjoy the scenery.

Visit all the small chocolate shops in the towns you are visiting

My favourite thing to do. To visit the chocolate shops in town and try their traditional chocolates, or their homemade chocolates. It doesn’t matter where you are in Italy, you will always find a sweet shop or two that you can visit and where you can purchase some of the best chocolate in the world.

It is also great to take some chocolates back home. Or you can just go online and purchase some Lavolio Arabian Night chocolates.

Best Italian Chocolates
Eat Pizza in Naples

Yes, we know that Pizza is popular in Italy, and in every region, the dough and toppings vary slightly. But you will only understand how pizza became the world's favourite treat after you have tasted the original Neapolitan Pizza. Don’t think that because you are eating pizza all the time in your country, that it will taste the same, here in Italy.

In Naples, Pizza is still been made the original and traditional way, and the first restaurant that has ever served it is still open! So, it will never taste like the pizza in your home country or any pizza chain. Something that you should try for sure.

Tiramisu for dessert

Tiramisu at its best. A popular dessert all over the world, but it originated in Italy. And, just like the pizza, this is something that you should try in Italy to really understand why this is so popular.

There is normal tiramisu and there is the Italian tiramisu. You will never be able to make it the same back home as in Italy.

Visiting Italy can be really interesting and fun. There are some great places that you can visit and some traditional food that you should try. I like to tell people that Italy is the best country of all countries. Because here, chocolates are being sold at every corner and there are so many great things that you can do. I hope this list of top things to do and eat in Italy inspired you.