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True Italian Gifts To Purchase For A Loved One

Are you looking for true Italian gifts to purchase for a loved one?  

This is something that I love doing all the time. My family and friends love Italy, and I need to bring back Italian gifts for everyone. It doesn’t really matter if you have visited Italy and now looking for a gift to take home. Or if you have a friend or loved one that loves Italy, and you want to treat them with a true Italian gift.

The good news is that there is a huge selection of gifts that you can give that special someone. A gift that will remind them about Italy.  Or to enjoy life the true Italian way. These are some of the Italian gift ideas that you can purchase for a piece of Italy into your home.

Italian gift basket

This is my favourite. Buying a gift basket and putting all sorts of Italian treats and Italian spices in the basket. There is nothing better than to make your own Italian gift basket. You can purchase all kinds of small things that remind you of Italy.

You can even add some real treats in it that you will not find anywhere else. If you aren’t visiting Italy, you can always purchase the goodies online at an Italian store.

True Italian chocolates

Always a great gift. True Italian chocolates. You can’t go wrong if you are bringing some Italian chocolates home as an Italian gift for loved ones. But, then you should just make sure that you are purchasing the best and most popular chocolates in Italy. Or, even better, purchase chocolates from the small chocolatier stores and give them a new tasting experience.

They will love my Lavolio chocolates. There is a huge selection and there will be something great for everyone. As an example, I like the Arabian nights a lot and will always enjoy this as an Italian gift. 

Italian gifts ideas
An Italian cookbook

If you can’t bring back some treats and real Italian food, then an Italian cookbook will be a great gift. Then, they can start preparing their own Italian food.

There are different cookbooks from Italy that you can give as a gift where you are able to use any ingredients to make the best Italian dishes. You don’t want to purchase a cookbook that requires only Italian ingredients. Then, the person will not be able to enjoy Italian food at home.

A pasta maker

Just think what your loved one can do with their own pasta maker. This isn’t something that people are considering as a gift, but this is, in fact, a great gift for someone that loves Italy and Italian pasta. Then, they can make their own pasta, without worrying about finding the right pasta for the right Italian dish. And making pasta at home is actually fairly easy, and a lot of fun. 

Italian gifts. There is a huge selection of Italian gifts that you can purchase or bring back home after a visit to Italy. This is just a guide to assist you in finding the best Italian gifts. The last thing that you want to do, is to make the mistake in purchasing something that isn’t Italian and giving it as an Italian gift.