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Travel Tip: Trying Chocolates In Italy

Are you planning a trip to Italy? Then I am recommending one thing that you should do. Trying Italian chocolate. I am working with a lot of tourists, and I have noticed one thing. Tourists don’t realize that chocolates and treats in Italy are just as good as the other foods which we are so famous for. The more you know about the chocolates in Italy, you will understand why this is something that you should try, before returning home.

Handmade chocolates in Italy are everywhere

If you think that all the chocolates in Italy are made in large quantity in factories, then you are mistaken. Most of the chocolate shops are making their chocolates in-store. This is why they are called chocolatiers.

I am not able to walk past one of these sweets shops without purchasing chocolate or two. Especially in London, when it comes to the handmade chocolates like Lavolio chocolates.  Don’t purchase the chocolates in the normal supermarkets. You should go for handmade chocolate and sweets shops that have artisanal products.

Chocolates in Italy are different than other countries'

A mistake that many people make is to think that chocolates are made the same way, with the same ingredients, everywhere. First of all, there are low- and high-quality cocoa beans. Italy has and gets some very high-quality cocoa beans, so they don’t need to import lower quality ones.

Then, there are some chocolatiers who have a secret ingredient that they are always adding to their chocolates in Italy. To make their chocolates unique. This is why I love strolling down the streets and trying different chocolates from different chocolate shops. Even if they look the same, they won’t taste the same. And, Italy is making chocolates differently than other countries. They have a secret that no one else has.

Chocolates In Italy
Switzerland isn’t the most popular country for chocolates any longer

Did you know that Swiss chocolates aren’t as popular as you might think? People think that Switzerland is the most popular country for purchasing chocolates. This isn’t the truth any more.

When you are comparing statistics about Swiss chocolates getting exported and Italian chocolates getting exported, you will see that the Italian chocolates are going to be much more in demand. Making them the most popular chocolates. I always purchase the Lavolio Fruit Garden every chance I get.

You can still enjoy Italian chocolates, even if you are back home

This is the best news ever. That you can still enjoy Italian chocolates. Even if you are back in your home country. This is what is making the Internet such a great place. You can purchase any Italian chocolates that you tried and loved, online. Like I am purchasing the Lavolio Fruit Garden chocolates every month.

You can’t leave Italy before you have tried handmade chocolates. And they won’t be hard to find. There are many different places in Italy where you can purchase the best tasting chocolates. Yes, even better than in Switzerland. When you are back home, you don’t need to worry, you can order chocolates online as well. Especially, when it comes to my Lavolio handmade chocolates.