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Turkish Delights. More Than Just A Sweet Treat

Turkish Delights are for sure one of my favourite sweet treats.

If you never have tasted homemade Turkish delights, then you don’t know what you are missing out on. There are cheap ones that you can find in any store. And then there are the homemade ones. Melting in your mouth. For those who don’t know much about this treat, here are some interesting info and facts about Turkish delights.

One of the most popular sweet treats in the world 

It isn’t only me who adores this sweet confectionery treat. It is also one of the most ancient sweet treats that you can get across the world. You can find it in shops, and in the homemade chocolate and treat shops. But, if you really want to make sure that you taste the real Turkish delight, then the homemade ones are those that you should try. 

You will see and taste the difference between the homemade ones and in-store ones. And, everyone in the East will tell you that you should try it before you leave for your home town again.

History about these treats

If you think that Turkish delights are a relatively new confection, then you should think again. Yes, there are some of the newest variations, mostly involving nougat, dried apricots and coconut shreds, that aren’t that old, however, to me, they just don’t taste the same.

Even though their origins are not confirmed, they have been known to be produced in Turkey as early as the 1700s. Meaning that their age has not affected their popularity. If anything, it makes them even tastier and more traditional. 

There are different flavours, colours, and types of Turkish delights

When you think about Turkish delights, you are thinking about the colourful squares that are covered in chocolate or icing sugar. However, today you can buy many different flavours, different colours and even some of them have nuts and dried fruit inside.

If you are anything like me, then you would prefer the traditional, homemade Turkish delight, gelatinous and aromatic, covered in icing sugar. But there is no harm in trying the other flavours of this treat. Find the one that will be your favourite.

Turkish Delights London
Lavolio: Turkish delights with an Italian twist

Yes, nowadays most Turkish delights and treats inspired by them are made in a more modern way. Some are covered in chocolate and made with different ingredients. As I said before, I like the traditional ones, covered with icing sugar. But at Lavolio Confectionery shop in London, you can find something very special. 

My Arabian Nights collection takes the most delicious Turkish Delights flavours and combines them with the traditional Italian sugar-coating. Inside a beautiful tin, you can experience rose, violet, lemon and ginger flavours within a crisp sugar shell. But also toasted almonds and our very special vegetarian jellies and cubed of crystallised ginger covered in Dark Chocolate.

You can buy them in our sweets shop or order them online, and get them delivered right to your door. Turkish delights are now a real delight even in Italy. If this is something that you never have eaten before, you should try them for sure. The only regret that you will have is that you waited so long to try it yourself. I highly recommend you try the traditional, homemade ones, and not the cheap ones you can find in supermarkets. And if you want something unique, try Lavolio Arabian Nights.