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What Is Vegan Chocolate?

At Lavolio we love all sorts of chocolate, and we have now introduced our brand new vegan chocolate Lavolios.

Everyone should be able to enjoy chocolate, including those with allergies or dietary requirements. And, for every chocolate addict, one of the most important things is to know the brands that offer quality vegan chocolate. 

Definition Of Vegan Chocolate

Vegan chocolate is a chocolate that has high content of cocoa and its ingredients come from plants only. Moreover, none of the ingredients of vegan chocolate comes from animal sources. Sometimes, dark chocolates are called vegan chocolates, but not all dark chocolates are vegan chocolates.

Different Brands Of Vegan Chocolates

In other not to make mistakes when choosing your vegan chocolates, some of the brands include:

Super Vegan

First on the list is Super Vegan. The experience of eating any of their 11 flavours is unbelievable! Due to the texture and creaminess of the chocolate, the combination of ingredients, and the great advantage of offering so many variations. They range from the famous White Chocolate with Cookies & Cream to Chocolate with Strawberry, to a good Nougat. For me, it is the most delicious vegan chocolate available today in the world.

NOTE: It is fascinating to see the reaction of those eating Super Vegan chocolate for the first time, without knowing it's vegan - they always report that it is among the best chocolate bars they have ever tasted. 

Lavolio Confectionery

A gourmet confectionery brand based in London, UK, Lavolio has just introduced a brand new Vegan collection, called Vegan Forest. Toasted almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts covered with chocolate, encased in a crisp sugar shell. Presented in a signature luxury metal box, and filled with treats that are suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets. As chocolatey and nutty as you would expect from Lavolio, and completely plant-based. 

Choco Vegan

Secondly, the Choco Vegan brand is responsible for the first vegan white chocolate.  The brand's vegan chocolate is handcrafted and exclusive. All the ingredients that make up the recipe are organic and 100% natural. Another critical point is that they do not use different fats, opting only for pure cocoa butter. No wonder Choco Vegan is in the Premium category. After almost 12 years of existence, you will find more than 150 exclusive products of the brand.


Genevy chocolates specialise in chocolate free from lactose, casein, gluten, soy, oil, or any ingredient of animal origin. In other words, everything vegan and of excellent quality for our health. 

"And we believe that a chocolate without milk is the best for our health and the best for the environment." Genevy offers an extensive portfolio of options for all tastes: from 40% to 99% cocoa, with zero sugar options sweetened with sucralose or Stevia, demerara sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar, and also options with vegetable protein.

Tnuva Chocolates

The brand was a pioneer in producing vegan chocolate: lactose-free and without any other ingredients of animal origin. The brand's mission is to serve people with lactose intolerance or following a dairy-free diet.

The brand has great affection for the vegan public and is very concerned about the quality of its products. To guarantee this, Tnuva produces the raw material for its chocolates, from the mass and cocoa butter to the final product.

Tnuva is also concerned about its variety. You will find cooking chocolate bars, white chocolate, chocolate coins, bonbons with various flavors and truffles, chocolate chips, and much more in their product line. 

Which one will you try?