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Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

To celebrate your or another couple's union each year, wedding anniversary gifts are always a lovely idea.

When you are married, each moment together is more special than the one before. The ceremony may have taken place a month or 50 years ago, but it's still one of the most exciting days of people's lives. 

But are you out of ideas for choosing the perfect anniversary present? Here, you can find options to get inspired.

  1. Travel

"Experiences lived together are more valuable than any gift purchased". Completely agree with that statement! Therefore, gifting a trip is a great idea. This way, the couple can discover new and very romantic places that will liven up their vacation. 

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  1. Cruise

A greatwedding anniversary gifts idea for the couple who enjoys being close to the water is to take a cruise. The exciting thing about this tour is that the happy couple can have fun both on the ship, and in the cities it passes through. They can enjoy the day at the pool, discover new destinations, and even do activities together, such as going to the theater or parties.

  1. Romantic Meals

Another amazingwedding anniversary gifts option is to host a romantic dinner or breakfast. This suggestion is perfect for couples who can't take time off but still want to do something special.

The partner can prepare the meal at home or book a table at a special restaurant, such as the one you went to on your first date or a new place you want to try together. It is also possible to take a weekend to stay in a hotel and enjoy an overnight stay with included breakfast there, or the ever-popular breakfast in bed.

  1. Jewellery

Jewellery is an excellent gift for your love. Husbands can buy necklaces, earrings, and rings. If the wedding took place many years ago, they can also choose to purchase a new wedding ring, a little more luxurious than the previous one, and can even renew their vows.

Women can also give jewelry to their partners. One way to make this a creative gift for a husband on his wedding anniversary is to personalize the piece. For example, if the wife decides to buy a watch, she can have a phrase or special date engraved on its back. In this way, the pampering takes on an extra meaning.

  1. Sweets

To sweeten the relationship, nothing better than a box of chocolates or a special sweet as wedding anniversary gifts. This idea is very simple; however, it is possible to bring more personality and affection. You can either make the sweet treat yourself, or choose a chocolate shop that offers bespoke and personalised options. Thus, it will be both delicious and meaningful. 

Do you know a couple who is celebrating their anniversary soon? Buy them a box of Lavolio chocolates and leave us a message at checkout, and we will add a personalised note for them to let them know you want to celebrate this special occasion with them, whether you're close or far.