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What Is Nougat Made Of?

Nougat, Nogado, or Nugá, better known as Torrone, is an ancient sweet whose date of creation is still unknown. But what is it made of?

The basis of the recipe unites sugar, honey, roasted almonds, and egg whites. Nuts, usually almonds, go into the sweet paste. Usually, nougat comes into bar shapes, and their consistency can vary from soft to crunchy.

What is the origin?

Many believe that nougat originates in southern Europe. France, Italy, and Spain are in contention for the title of creator of this historic recipe. However, Iranians in West Asia are also claiming the creation of the confectionery in question.

There are many stories and legends about the creation of nougat which answer the question of what is nougat made of. In the 17th century, it was imported from France, more precisely from the Marseille region. Thus, the French city maintained a monopoly on creating this sweet at that time, which lasted for a long time.

What Is Nougat Made Of

Nougat is also known as Torrone in Italy. It is one of the few sweets that has maintained the same production process over time, with nuts and honey being the essential ingredients. Although there are many varieties today, two favourites are the soft nougat from Jijona and the hard nougat from Alicante.

The nougat contains only sugar, almonds, egg whites and honey. Originally, of course. Over the years, the types of nougat have evolved, including other types of nuts and even some flour, to form the final result theses answers what is nougat made of.
There is a variety of raw materials that can feature in the preparation of nougat, which includes: cashew nuts, pine nuts, coconut, liqueurs, aromatics, dried herbs, peanuts, fruit pieces or candied peels (such as apricot and orange),  cookies, among others.

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How Is It Prepared?

The preparation is simple since the recipe's base is a mixture of sugar, honey, egg whites, and almonds. It is interesting to remember that you can substitute the almonds or mix them with other types of nuts or even seeds, such as cashew nuts and pistachios. The choice of add-ons depends on the taste of those who will make the recipe.

Speaking of which, the preparation of nougat starts with the nuts. You can either boil them to make the skins softer, remove the skins entirely, or leave them on and toast them.

Combine the honey, sugar, and egg whites, forming a paste. Then, incorporate the nuts after cooking it at high temperature.

After all the ingredients are incorporated, the mixture should rest for one night, and then it is ready. An important tip is to keep it in the refrigerator, removing it just a few minutes before being served. It can be cut into bars or small squares. It is widely available commercially wrapped in rice paper or a very thin wafer.

How can you use it?

Nougat can be used whole or crushed as an ingredient for various sweet recipes, such as pies, cakes, semifreddos (typical Italian sweet), and the most diverse desserts. In addition to being used in recipes, it can be adapted to other products, being used as a kind of "flavouring," such as Easter eggs, candies, ice cream, chocolates, and truffles.