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A Glimpse Behind The Scenes Of A Wedding...

How often have you leafed through the pages of glossy magazines and marvelled at elaborate scenes from celebrity weddings? Taking in every detail, like the wedding favours. Perhaps, also imagined what it would have been like to have been there?

Or maybe you’ve shared some of those magical moments at the nuptials of your own friends or family members… It’s wonderful to look through each photo of the special day. Remembering the emotion and joy. Having been part of this happiest and most romantic of occasions.

Just how important is the wedding album and which photos draw you in?

Of course, it’s these photos that allow you to relive those moments for many years to come. Many couples will treasure them forever. I recently was talking to a friend who got married in Rome 10 years ago. She is still unhappy about the fact that they hadn’t hired a professional photographer for the day, resulting in a disappointing collection of mediocre amateur photos to remember their day by.

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Here at Lavolio HQ, we always have the pleasure of seeing beautiful photos from a whole variety of different weddings. These are sent to us by couples with whom we’ve worked to create their bespoke wedding favours.

We love to see the different themes and styles that people choose for their special occasion. Especially, we love to see the emotion-filled photography from their day!

Whatever your style and the mood of the day, you want that to be reflected in the photos that make up your album. And, for this reason, it’s important to choose a great wedding photographer. One who is able to capture the most important moments of the day and reflect the personal style of the couple.

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We wanted to give you a glimpse into a wedding shoot through the lens of the photographer’s camera. With this in mind, last week we had the opportunity to catch up with destination wedding photographer Jack Davolio (who is the talented brother of Lavolio founder Lavinia!).

He currently spends half the year in Australia and the other half travelling the world - so it wasn’t easy to pin him down! We love his creative approach and particularly the way he is able to give personality to his photographs. He really captures the moment, which lends real authenticity and originality to his work. Needless to say all the pictures from this post are his! Here is our Q&A with Jack Davolio:

Please could you tell us about any memorable wedding experiences that you have had?

I have been invited to ride a mechanical bull, dine on top of London Bridge, dance ceilidh, eat at incredible feasts, join outrageous afterparties including one in a hot tub. But my favourite wedding experiences have been emotional ones. Such as one time when the song played for the first dance was one so dear to me it blurred my eyes. I also find it very interesting to get to know people by hearing their funniest stories during the speeches.

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What made you become a wedding photographer?

Crying at the end of the first wedding I shot, during an emotional ritual part of the Hindu wedding traditions.

Have you ever had any particularly eccentric requests from a couple?

Probably asking me to shoot them throwing food at each other. It was more a suggestion of mine rather than a request, but racing on golf carts with a golden leg was definitely eccentric.

After shooting so many wedding celebrations, is there any in particular that stands out in your memory?

There are more than one that come to mind right away. It's hard to say what makes them special, it is people who laugh a lot, do not take things too seriously and just know how to have a lot of fun.

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Is there a particular part of a couple's special day that appeals to you as a photographer?

Over the years I have come to enjoy more and more the portraits session, it is a time of the day where I get the director's seat and are free to style and pose as I wish. But I also enjoy capturing reactions to speeches and spontaneously fun moments which happen mostly in the evening party.

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If you’d like to want to find out more about Jack and his photography, you can browse through his portfolio and contact him through his website - and please mention Lavolio for extra love.

To find out more about Lavolio Bespoke Wedding Favours, please visit our Bespoke section or contact us and we’d be happy to provide more details.