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A Moment Of Relaxation

Perhaps you work full time or have busy days and nights looking after others and get very little time for yourself. Perhaps there is something on your mind that is consuming a lot of energy. We often spend so much time “doing” something that we forget to take a step back and enjoy the state of “being”.

So here is your incentive to give yourself a momentary break and a chance to be kind to yourself.

Let the contents of our precious tins indulge your taste buds and provide you with nutrition and energy. Almonds for example are present in all of our confectionery tins. They are rich in vitamin E which prevents cells from oxidative damage and they also have the potential to lower the level of unhealthy cholesterol in our bodies. The dark chocolate in our Nutty Forest and Coconut Follies also have possible health benefits, such as improving circulation and lowering stress levels by encouraging the release of feel good endorphins. Whether you are a vegetarian or have a gluten-free diet, there is no need for worry, since all our products are suitable for those dietary requirements.

Our tins are also pastel coloured and patterned with nature inspired designs, which make them very pleasing to the eye and a graceful comfort to have upon your worktop.

Take a moment and experience the simple luxury of confectioneries handmade by Italian artisans in the comfort of your own home. Let the contents of our tins spill over your taste buds and explore the sweet sensations of our small packages of delight. Be kind to yourself!