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Advent - What is it and why do we do it?

Where does the advent tradition originate from? 

Advent derives from the Latin ‘adventus’ meaning ‘coming’. Marking the countdown to Christmas day as one of the biggest Christian festivals, Advent is traditionally known as the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. 

The many different ways in which advent is celebrated 

The tradition of advent calendars originated in Germany, much like the Christmas tree tradition, in the late 1800’s and is still a focal point of the countdown today.  Whether you are a young child, adult or a grandparent, the advent calendar is the real beginning to start the excitement and sparkle of Christmas. 
Advent calendars come in many different forms, from the traditional advent scene placing a new figure every day, until the nativity scene is complete, to the eclectic modern selection available today.  The first record of an Advent calendar in the UK, was in 1956. In Europe a wreath with 24 bags or boxes hanging from it is popular, with a little present inside for each day. The first calendar with chocolate inside was made in 1958, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that chocolate calendars started to become popular. 



When I was little, it was common to have a card calendar with the nativity scene behind twenty-four windows. The excitement I felt every morning rushing downstairs to open the next day's window was thrilling, guessing with my siblings what it would be. Today of course, there is a much wider variety to choose from. The traditional selection still exists, but chocolate and premium calendars are now part of the build up to the big day for all age groups. It is all part of the fun during December and an integral part of the festivities. 

The world’s largest advent calendar was made in 2007 at St Pancras Train Station in London. It was 71m tall and 23m wide and celebrated the refurbishment of the stations.  The most expensive advent calendar to date was created in 2010 by a Belgium Jeweller. It was made our of 24 glass tubes each containing some diamonds and silver. It was worth, at the time £2.1 million.

The Christmas countdown is finally here at Lavolio 

Lavolio have been busy working on new ways to help celebrate the festive season and we are thrilled to announce we have launched our own limited edition premium Lavolio advent calendars, as a thank you for your wonderful support this year. 
Consisting of twenty-four individually gift wrapped Lavolio favourites, as well as some surprises to add to the festive cheer.  They are all placed in a beautiful reusable bamboo wooden box. Our luxury advent calendar consists of something for everyone.  All 30 flavours can be experienced. Listening to feedback we have gone outside our usual collections to deliver your favourites.  There is also the nougat and then of course the surprises, which we hope you enjoy as much as we did creating them.