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Art All Around? Italian Dishes Inspired By Poetry

Italy is known across the world as an endless source of art, good wine, literature and of course its marvellous gastronomy. What a feast when these are combined! Bravo, the result is simply astonishing! In our quest for art we have discovered some truly inspirational Italian dishes that honour four Italian widely recognised poets. Pronto, contemplate this list of this very "artistic" dishes:

  1. Spaghetti all’Ungaretti:Giuseppe Ungaretti was an Italian modernist poet whose famous work relies on the personal experiences of his life. Also, this particular dish was one the poet’s favourites!! This dish has plenty of delicious ingredients such as grated Parmesan cheese, butter, cumin, nutmeg and breadcrumbs. Tasty, isn’t it?As Ungaretti would say “Immensity illuminates me. - M’illumino d’immenso”.

spaguetti ungaretti italian food
  1. Lepre alla D'Annunzio: Gabriele D’annunzio was an italian poet, novelist, dramatist, short-story writer whose most famous work was Alcyone (1904), in which he contemplated the smells, tastes, sounds, and experiences of a Tuscan summer and put them in this poetic piece. Besides of being a poetical mastermind, he was certainly not insensitive to the pleasures of the Italian cousine. The poet loved to astonish people with his remarkable “Lepre alla D'Annunzio” dish, where the meat is chopped along with white truffle, lard, veal and pork, cinnamon, basil, pistachios and eggs. And finally decorated with orange blossoms and lemon slices. Such a palate awakener!
Pere alla Aretino: This dish directly references Pietro Aretino the 1492 – 1556 controversial art enthusiast and poet. The “flagello de’ principi” as he was also called, was known in England as "the obscene profane poet". Pietro loved Italian handmade confectionery and developed this luxurious yet simple recipe based on pears, sugar, lemon and mint. Same concept as to our Lavolio after dinner treats, good proper ingredients for a purely indulgent moment of pleasure!
Three poached pears presented in a white serving dish
Risotto alla Pascoli: Giovanni Pascoli (1855 – 1912), the great Italian poet known for his graceful and melancholy Italian lyrical poems, particularly loved this Italian dish: risotto cooked with saffron, tomato sauce, chicken liver, mushrooms and parsley. This dish is the ultimate Italian luxury, a joy for the palate, and surely yet another reason to remember his Italian works of art.