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Top Picks For Italian Gift Ideas

An important event is coming up, maybe a birthday or an anniversary, and you want to buy the perfect gifts. But, it can be hard to find the perfect gift! Here are my top picks for the best gift ideas for 2020 inspired by my Italian heritage.

There are so many Italian gift ideas, it can really be hard to know which ones are going to be great ideas and which gifts can actually be purchased everywhere. Here are some really cool gifts you can purchase inspired by Italy that your loved ones will adore.

True Italian Espresso coffee

Surely, you have someone in your life who loves drinking coffee. Then, this will be the perfect gift idea both for men and women. To treat them to true Italian espresso coffee.

You might say that you can find good coffee in your home country as well. However, Italian coffee, and especially espresso, is not just about drinking coffee. Real Italian coffee is about the quality and the taste, but also the experience. It's almost a cultural aspect. There are different varieties of espresso coffee that you can choose from, so they are great gift ideas. If you need a little help choosing, check out this blog post.

Italian homemade chocolates, great gift ideas for women

Undoubtedly, this is a gift idea for women that, actually, anyone in your life would love. Real Italian homemade chocolates are something special that they wouldn't enjoy every day. Take Lavolios, for example. Because of their artisanal production methods, and the high-quality ingredients they use, they taste completely different from the usual, boring box of assorted chocolates.

At Lavolio you can find chocolates with spices, chocolate-covered nuts, and even fruity chocolates and handmade nougat. Great gift ideas for men, great gift ideas for women. Something for everyone. Lavolio has a store in London, but you can easily find their amazing chocolates online. Get them delivered straight to your door.

Italian chocolate gifts

Olive oil

Italy is the land of olives. Meaning that they have large productions of olives, and they make high-quality virgin and extra-virgin olive oil. And, it is a lot more exciting to purchase it in Italy from a small scale local grower than purchasing it in your home country.

If you have someone who likes using olive oil, or who simply loves to cook, or wants to try a new ingredient, then olive oil is a great gift idea. They will appreciate it and know that you specifically thought about them, and what would make them happy. And, they will enjoy your refreshing extra virgin olive oil every day in the food that they are preparing. If you are looking for good quality olive oil, have a look here. These are family friends who really take pride in their wonderful Extra Virgin.

Italian leather clothing

Maybe this might be expensive gift ideas, but for that extra special person. An Italian leather clothing piece. This is quite popular in Italy, and most Italian leather clothing is very high-quality, and hard to find in other countries. Making this the perfect gift idea. Check out here for some gorgeous leather bags and accessories.

If you are looking for perfect gift ideas for men or perfect gift ideas for women, there are so many gifts that you can purchase, that are actually easy to find and special. You just need to think about the person and what they like most.