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Chocolate Gifts Will Never Be The Same After Visiting Italy

Every country and culture have their own way of making and giving chocolate gifts.

Some produce them industrially and sell them cheaply, and some are made by hand and make a perfect present. But, in Italy, you will find chocolate gifts like nowhere else in the world. Italians really make sure to always present the best quality chocolates, artisanal ones. No chocolate gift is the same as in Italy. 

Italians' go-to gift

For Italians, chocolate is a very important food item. And, with so many regions producing it, they make sure that it is done the right way. They take a lot of care in selecting the best cocoa, fruits, nuts and other ingredients.

Most of the Italians living in Italy have ready access to artisanal Italian chocolate, and a variety of chocolate gifts, throughout the country. And, why every store, every street, and every town is full of chocolate and/or sweets shops. Chocolate gifts are always the right, most accessible choice, no matter the occasion. 

Authentic Italian Chocolate
Artisan chocolates and their production

This is the thing about chocolate in Italy. Of course, there are the mass-produced, industrial types. Like Ferrero, which produces classics such as Nutella and Ferrero Rocher, or the less well-known but also delicious coconut and chocolate Raffaellos. But Italy is also full of smaller, artisanal producers. They make everything by hand. 

Once upon a time, chocolate was the gift for rich people, who were the only ones who could afford it. Then it became a tradition of giving chocolate to good children. But, over time, chocolate became the perfect gift for everyone. Giving chocolate gifts to show your love to the people around you.

Chocolate and sweets shops are everywhere 

One thing is clear. That when you are visiting Italy, you will see chocolate shops, coffee shops and bakeries everywhere. Each store you’ll visit, each market you are walking through.

At night, enjoy a hot chocolate while you walk along Italian roads that look like a fairytale. With different lights on different stores, colourful, bright and full of delicious Italian food. You can walk for hours in the streets, with different things to see everywhere.

Something that every tourist should experience

This is something that every tourist should experience. Especially, if you want to buy a souvenir for friends back home, or experience something authentically Italian. In seeing the love in the people around you.

Italy can teach us a lot about how to eat good, healthy food. To enjoy a treat without feeling guilty. To teach us that it isn’t just about the number of gifts that we are receiving, but about the quality of the gift, and the thought behind it. About family, friends, and love. And, this is something that every tourist will experience when they are visiting Italy. 

Once you have visited Italy and enjoyed its chocolate, you will never see chocolate gifts the same again. How we should care for family and friends. To enjoy this time and to remember what this is all about. That chocolate is great for giving, for love and for spending time together. This is what Italians are doing, year after year.