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What Should Be In Your Chocolate Hamper Gift?

You are creating a chocolate hamper gift for someone special this year. And, thinking of what could be inside it, you are considering Italian chocolates.

The problem that you might have, is that you don’t know what you should add to the chocolate hamper gift. Should you just add some chocolates, or should you add some other stuff to the hamper as well? Here are a couple of ideas about the things that you can add to the chocolate hamper gift.

A beautiful metal tin for the hamper

Wouldn't it be wonderful to find delicious chocolates, handmade in Italy, and packed inside gorgeous metal tins? Not a plastic box from the supermarket, but a handmade high-quality object.

You can find that at Lavolio. Also, if you consider the person that you are giving it to, you can pick the perfect tin to match them. You don’t want to purchase a tin that isn’t matching the person that you are giving the gift to. Not only different tin colours, but also different chocolate assortments.

Real Italian chocolate varieties

Remember that you want to pack an Italian chocolate hamper. So, all the chocolates that you are adding to the hamper should be Italian chocolates. The more varieties of the Italian chocolates that you can find, the better it will be. And, the more fun it will be for the person who is getting the gift.

There is a huge selection of different Italian chocolates that you can purchase, so finding different ones aren’t as hard as what you might think. Just remember that you should consider what the hamper recipient would like, and not what type of chocolate you like.

Luxury Italian Hamper
Something personal, also Italian if possible

With a gift hamper, you should also purchase something personal. Something that can be kept forever. Depending on who the recipient might be, jewellery is always a great option or another food item from Italy can also be a great addition to the chocolate hamper. Perhaps some coffee or Italian biscuits like amaretti or savoiardi.

A really nice thing to do for your chocolate hamper gift is to add something personal, like a note or a letter. So that they can keep it, and they will be reminded them about your gift. Even, when the hamper is gone.

Chocolate drinks, or an alcoholic drink

Something to drink is also a great addition to a chocolate hamper. There are some drinks that are great to enjoy in accompaniment to Italian chocolates. Or, you can purchase a chocolate-flavoured drink, or a chocolate liqueur. For an adult that is drinking alcohol, you can add an alcoholic drink from Italy, like Prosecco. There are so many options that you can consider. It just depends on the person that you are giving the hamper too.

Making a chocolate hamper for someone can be special. Especially, if this is an Italian chocolate hamper. With these tips, you will ensure that you are creating the best chocolate hamper that the person will love. They will enjoy the chocolates and the drink. And, they will keep it forever to remind them of the hamper they got from you.