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What Is The Difference Between Italian Chocolate And Swiss Chocolate?

There was a time when I thought that Swiss chocolates were the best in the world.

I also thought that Italy was only good enough for other treats, like pasta and pizza. I was wrong. Italian chocolates are just as popular as Swiss chocolates. If not better. There is a huge difference between Italian chocolates and Swiss chocolates. Experienced chocolatiers and chocolate experts are saying that the Italian chocolates are becoming more popular than the Swiss chocolates. With knowing the differences between these two chocolates, you will know for sure which one is the most preferred in the world, and which one you prefer.

The price difference between the Italian chocolate and Swiss chocolate

Swiss chocolate is a lot more expensive than Italian chocolate. This is because it is the most popular exported chocolate in the world. This might be because so many people, just like me, thought that swiss chocolates are the best in the world. The best in the world comes with a price.

However, even if Swiss chocolate is more expensive than Italian chocolate, it doesn’t mean that Italian chocolate isn’t as great tasting as the Swiss chocolates. I know many people that don’t like the Swiss chocolates and that prefer to eat the Italian chocolates. So, price doesn’t define which chocolate is the best.

Swiss chocolate is normally the dark, bitter chocolate

When you are thinking about swiss chocolates, you would think about the dark, bitter chocolates that not many people prefer. Yes, they have milk chocolate and white chocolate treats available as well, but those aren't as delicious as the dark chocolate.Swiss chocolates are also normally pralines. Round chocolate balls with a filling in the middle.

Sugar Coated Italian Chocolate Confectionery Better Than Swiss Chocolate
Italian chocolate is creamier and has a sweeter taste

Italian chocolates are the creamier and sweeter chocolates. Italians really know how to create perfect sweet treats. There are fillings like nuts, fruit, and raisins in the Italian chocolates.

When I am thinking about Italian chocolates, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is my Lavolio chocolates: gourmet chocolates or the Lavolio Arabian Night chocolates, inspired by Turkish Delights. My chocolates are handmade, using only the finest ingredients my artisan chocolatiers can find.

I know what I prefer, but what about you?

My opinion is that I prefer Italian chocolates. I am a sweet chocolate kind of person, and I love the texture the sugar shell gives my Lavolios. But, tastes differ, and you might have your own preference. However, if you have never tasted Italian chocolates like my Lavolio before, then it might be time to try it before you decide which chocolate you prefer.

Italian chocolates vs Swiss chocolates. What is the difference? The difference lies in the taste and the ingredients that they are using. There are more Italian chocolates that are handmade, while the Swiss chocolates are more bitter. The other difference is that Swiss chocolate is a lot more expensive. I would rather purchase Italian chocolates that are cheaper but of excellent quality, so I can purchase more of them. And, besides, I don’t like dark, bitter chocolates. It isn’t for me. But now you know the difference between these chocolates, and it will be easier for you to decide which one you prefer.