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Foodie Guide To Molise

Molise is Italy’s youngest region. It used to be united into a single territory with Abruzzo -but has turned into two regions in 1963. This means that Molise has a similar culture, food, and climate as Abruzzo. However, there are some differences which make this a great region to visit as well, and with this Foodie guide to Molise, I hope you'll love it as much as I do.

Molise is known for its beautiful beaches and other wonderful natural scenery. However, this is also one of the regions that are the most overlooked by tourists. This is due to the fact that this is a relatively new region, and because there aren’t any well-known tourist attractions available. The food that you can find there is unique and really special. Different from Abruzzo, and a lot more interesting than in most of the other, popular regions.


This is the number one region for enjoying a variety of pasta dishes. If you love eating pasta, and you are travelling to Italy to enjoy this experience, then Molise is the region to visit.

Cavatelli and fusilli originate from Molise, and you will be able to find all kinds of shapes and sizes of pasta here. And, in restaurants, you will see that there are a much larger variety of pasta dishes to choose from than in other Italian regions.

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Salumi is a favourite

Salumi, which is cold-cuts meat and charcuterie, and sausages are a favourite in Molise. You will find different flavours, different sizes and different dishes made from salumi and sausages.

And, if you want to purchase salumi to take home with you, a visit to this region is a must. They are experts in making and smoking salumi. It will be hard to find anything that is coming close to the taste of Molise’s salumi and sausages.

Meat that you will find in Molise

Because of the available land in Molise, there are many kinds of animals around there. You will be able to find sheep and goats meat there.

This is why there are many dishes that have meat ingredients like lamb and goat in. And, why this meat is a lot cheaper in this region than in other regions where there isn’t enough land for animals to walk in. They know how to cook these meats to perfection.

Some of the most popular dishes that you can try in Molise

These are some of the most popular dishes that you can try when you are visiting Molise, or when you are travelling through the region. And as mentioned before, most of these dishes will have a form of pasta in it.

  •      Fusilli alla Molisana
  •      Cavatelli con Sugo di ventricina (pork sausage)
  •      Pampanella (hot and sweet paprika-laced pork fillets)

I am sure that you will love visiting Molise, and that this foodie guide will help you enjoy it even more. This might not be a famous region, and you might not find a lot of tourist attractions there. However, their food is great and will make up for the lack of tourist attractions. And, the beaches will give you the entertainment that you want during the day. This is a great region, with great food options, and lots of pasta dishes for those that love Italian pasta.