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Home Cooking: Italian Traditions And Chocolates

When I think about Italy, the first thing that comes to mind is all of the Italian traditions and chocolates that they entail.

The chocolate is so different from anything else I tasted before. And Italian traditions are so special and family oriented and full of chocolates. For them, there is nothing more important than traditions. No matter how modern our world has become.

Traditions going from generation to generation

In other countries, we are always in a hurry. From the one appointment to the next. With the years going by, we tend to live independently from each other. The family doesn’t matter for us anymore.

However, this isn’t the case in Italy. There the family is going strong. They are part of each other lives. They celebrate with each other, and they spend time with each other. It is the same with their traditions. It doesn’t matter what the type of food they are preparing is, or the way they are preparing the meals. It is always the same. Going from one generation to the next.

With each tradition, there is normally food and chocolates involved, and it is always the same food, and always the same desserts. Prepared the same way, family members all working together.

Traditional chocolate treats that originated centuries ago

When we think about Italian food, the one thing that I love most is their chocolate treats and desserts. Some are really traditional, while others are newer treats that you can purchase online, like the Lavolio William Morris Nutty Forest. However, those that love the more traditional Italian chocolate treats will think about chocolate almond biscotti and Chocolate Amaretti Cake.

We are also thinking about all the chocolatier shops that you can find at almost every street corner. Where you can find all of those chocolate treats that are making your mouth water when you smell them. I can’t walk past these shops, without purchasing one of my favourite treats.

Italian chocolates
Italian traditions and chocolates

As I mentioned before Italy is big on traditions and food. Traditions like the day after Easter Sunday. The Monday after Easter, called Pasquetta, when they are all packing a picnic basket and go outdoors to have fun with friends and family. Christmas is also really popular in Italy and they have some great traditions and chocolates as well.

When we think about Italian food, we think about Italian Pizza, pasta, Bottarga, and Fiorentina Steak. All homemade food that is passed on from generation to generation. The recipes are still the same as years ago, and in most cases, the preparations of the food stay the same. Even with all the latest and newest technology, families like working together and making things by hand.

Home cooking with Italian traditions and chocolates. Something that Italians know especially well how to do. And it is only the Italians that can bring tradition, food, and chocolates together in such a magical way. Making a family event out of it. Enjoying family, friends, and love. This is what I love about Italy. Not just the scenery or friendly people. It is the fact that they still value the importance of having family and friends. Through heartache and through joy with a traditional meal and a chocolate treat for dessert.