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Is There Such Thing As Vegan Fudge?

If you are vegan, it doesn’t mean that something as great as fudge or chocolates are forbidden.

That's true, if you are vegan, you can't enjoy a lot of mass-produced, famous brands of fudge and chocolates, because they're not vegan-friendly. But at Lavolio we have a few delicious products that you can enjoy as much as you want, without having to worry about what you purchase.

Under any circumstance and if you have any dietary requirement, it is important to make sure that you are getting all the information about chocolates and vegan chocolates. Read the ingredients and allergy advice carefully: this will make it easier for you to understand if you can still enjoy your favourite Italian chocolate or not.

Isn't all fudge vegan?

If you are vegan, there are some foods that you can’t eat. Anything that has to do with animals or animal products isn't allowed.This includes stuff like dairy, cheese, milk, meat, eggs and anything else that has something to do with animals. And, fudge achieves its consistency by being very rich in dairy. It is made from milk, butter, or even condensed milk, according to some recipes. Delicious, but definitely not vegan.

So, it means that there isn’t such a thing as vegan fudge, right? No, there are many products you can buy that will curb your sweet craving. 

Gourmet Marrons Glaces
Can you really get Vegan fudge?

The first question that people are asking is if you can truly buy something like vegan fudge. Yes, you can!At Lavolio we have delicious Marrons Glaces, which are a 100% natural, vegan alternative to fudge. They are Italian caramelised chestnuts, so soft and buttery they will melt in your mouth. 

Does it taste differently? 

Fudge tastes creamy, sweet and it is a great way to end a hard day at the office. Or, even for a snack during office hours. But, does vegan fudge taste the same, or is the taste completely different, because of the dairy not being used?

Some brands out there produce a variety of toffee-like, vegan fudge, and you will be able to find many recipes to make your own. Many vegan fudges replace the cow's dairy with soya milk, palm oils, vegan margarine and other not-so-great-sounding ingredients.

The good news is that Lavolio Marrons Glaces not only taste very similar to fudge but perhaps even better. And they are made with only high-quality, all-natural ingredients. And they are gluten-free! There might be a small difference in taste, but in general, you can enjoy this vegan alternative to fudge and we are sure you'll be coming back for more.

Vegan people are most of the time really good at discerning what they can or cannot eat. But if you are a new vegan, or even just trying to reduce to amount of animal products in your diet, it can sometimes be confusing. The secret is to know what the ingredients are and what ingredients you should avoid. But you should definitely give these Marrons Glaces a try.