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Everyone Loves Dark Chocolate From Italy - Here Is Why

Who in the world doesn’t like dark chocolate? Especially when it comes to true Italian dark chocolate. But, have you ever wondered why everyone is going mad about dark chocolate from Italy? Why this is the number one edible gift in the world to purchase for festivities, for dinner parties and for birthdays? Within this handy post, you will finally find out why Italian dark chocolate is the best, most popular chocolate in the world. And, why this is something that everyone is buying. During a visit to Italy, or even online if they can’t visit the country directly to purchase a bar of chocolate or two.

High-quality cocoa beans

This is one of the main reasons why Italian chocolates are the best in the world. They select and use only the world’s best cocoa beans. Only extremely high-quality cocoa beans go into Italian dark chocolate. Italy is renown all over the world for its high-quality products. If they do not have high-quality cocoa beans, they will decide to import them from other countries. And, this is why their chocolates and cocoa are so much better in quality than other countries. They are willing to go the extra mile and purchase the best available.

Traditional Handmade chocolate

What are dark chocolate benefits?

One thing is for sure. Italians have the secret ingredient in making chocolates. And they are not afraid to enjoy it, because they know how many benefits dark chocolate has. Dark chocolate's nutrition is famous. It is full of health benefits. Dark chocolate benefits include boosting psychological health, eye health, promoting blood circulation, energy-boosting, a good source of antioxidants and many more. To find out more about dark chocolate benefits, you might want to read this blog post.Or this very interesting piece by BBC Good Food.

There are many different chocolatiers in Italy

Another reason why Italian chocolate is the most popular in the world. Did you know that most of the popular chocolatiers in the world live in Italy? Not only industrial-grade chocolate production, such as Ferrero and its famous product Nutella. A large number of artisan producers are in Italy. Providing handmade, delicious chocolate of selected production. And, they inherit the genes in making great chocolates. Many of Italy's artisan chocolate-making businesses are family-run and have been in activity over many generations.

Number one chocolate you can find online as well

It is only natural that you might be looking for these delicious treats online, if you can't travel to Italy to get the original product. Many Italian chocolatiers now have websites in English, where you can order your chocolates and have them delivered to your door. Both the larger chocolate companies or smaller chocolatiers are selling their unique chocolates online. Lavolio being one of them! Italian chocolates are the most popular chocolate in the world. Everyone is always looking for Italian chocolates. When they visit Italy, when someone they know is visiting Italy, or even when they are searching for chocolates online. Without Italian chocolates, the world would be boring and bitter. Why not bring in some sweetness into our lives?