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Italian Hampers For Italy Lovers

Do you have loved ones who are Italy lovers? In that case, Italian Hampers could be the perfect gift!

Currently, Italian hampers include a variety of products, and all of them food. There is no written law on what they should consist of, although today we all know how to assess whether a gift hamper is of good quality or not. There is usually a selection of edible gift products, among which quality chocolate cannot be missing. Depending on your budget for the basket, anything from pasta to wine can be included.

Italian Hampers For Italy Lovers

Italy lovers’ gifts have always been preferred as a way to show gratitude to family, friends, and business colleagues. It is not a surprise that Italian hampers are always a popular choice. The most interesting part is that you don’t even have to be Italian to fall in love with this form of gifting.

Below are what is mostly included in the Italian hampers in the UK:

Sweet Products

What would a gift be without sweets and chocolate? Well, the same goes for Italian hampers. If they do not include sweet chocolates, they are not complete. So, all of them usually carry a selection of good nougat and chocolates. Lavolio Confectionery is a great choice, as we offer gourmet sweets and chocolates handmade in Italy, completely gluten-free, and even Prosecco hampers.

Wines And Spirits

Another of the very common items for Italian hampers are wines and spirits. I'm of the opinion that one good bottle of wine or spirit goes a long way, better than six bottles of inferior quality. Some liquor bottles are also usually included, such as Limoncello.

Italian Food Gifts
How To Choose Italian Hamper?

Once we know the products that make up a Christmas basket, we move on to choosing the one that best suits us.

  • Preference of Receiver

Whether you are the manager of a company who wants special gifts for their employees or who wants to look good with a client, or you need a birthday gift for a friend, it's helpful to know the tastes of the person who will receive the Italian hamper. Information such as whether they drink or like wines and spirits, any allergies or dietary restrictions, etc.

Can you imagine offering spirits to someone who does not drink alcohol? Or include nougat and candies with nuts to someone who has a nut allergy? To avoid these setbacks, it is advisable to inquire before the person or persons will receive your Italian hamper.

  • Price

Your budget is a factor that we cannot ignore, so before buying it, mark a price range. You can look at different Italian gift hampers whose price varies from the one you have in mind, and thus at the same time, you can narrow your search.

  • Product Size

Before buying the hampers, you should look carefully at the size of the products. It is widespread to find a basket that includes excellent quality liquors and wines, but you find mini bottles of 25 cl when you go to open it. In this case, you must decide whether or not you agree with these sizes and quantities.