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Italian Pizza. The Best In The World

No matter what. You can purchase a pizza in any place in the world. It just won’t taste the same as Italian pizza. The best in the world.

Italians know exactly how to prepare pizza that won’t taste the same as any other pizza you have tried before. The base of the pizza is different, and the toppings are different as well. Here is everything you need to know about Italian pizza.

What makes Italian pizza different?

Pizza is pizza, right? Yes, but only until you have eaten pizza in Italy. Then, you will realize that pizza tastes completely different there. But why is Italian pizza different from all the other pizzas in the world?

The crust is made differently with different ingredients. This is the first thing that is making Italian pizza different. Then, the way they are cooking the pizza. We are normally using an electric or gas oven for the pizza. However, in Italy, they are using the original pizza oven that is warmed by a fire burning wood. After the dough rises overnight, sometimes for longer than that, Italian pizza only takes 30 to 120 seconds to cook in the wood-fired oven!

The third reason why Italian pizzas are so different is the ingredients. Italians believe that you should only make use of the highest quality ingredients in order for you to enjoy your pizza. Different cheeses, salami, and other ingredients are the highest quality they can find.

Different places in Italy are offering different types of pizzas

Don’t think for one moment that if you have tried one type of pizza in Italy, that you have tasted all of them. This is a huge mistake that might mean that you won’t taste some of the best pizzas in Italy.

In Italy, there are many different pizza restaurants where you can get great pizza. And, every one of these restaurants offers different flavours and different dining experiences. This is why you should make sure that you know exactly where you can find some of the best pizzas in the country. 

Chocolates In Italy
Popular places in Italy where you can find some of the best pizzas

If you know where to find the best pizzas, you won’t need to go from restaurant to restaurant, trying the different pizzas out. You will know exactly where you should go, and what pizza you should order. This is why I want to assist you with this small problem.

In Rome, the typical pizza has got a thin base. But Naples is really where you want to go for pizza. In this city, the first ever pizza was served, and the restaurant that did is still open today. But anywhere in Naples will offer the original Italian pizza. A chewy, fluffy, perfectly cooked crust. You'll never go back to regular pizza after trying a Neapolitan pizza.

The one thing that you should eat when you are in Italy is pizza. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what type of pizza you are eating, or where you are eating it. As long as you are eating real Italian pizza. You will never look at pizza the same way, and you will never eat another pizza again. Italians know exactly how to make pizzas, and they have secrets that only they know about pizza making. We all know that there are many great meals you can order in Italy, but pizza is the one thing that you need to eat at least once in Italy.