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Italian Towns To Visit For Chocolate Lovers

Many are visiting Italy because of their food and culture.

We know that pasta and pizza are really popular there and tasting a lot different from the ones in our country. However, did you know that Italy is popular for its chocolates and sweet treats as well? Most of us love a good chocolate treat, and Italy can give it to you. There are a couple of famous Italian cities popular for their chocolates, that any chocolate-loving tourist should visit. In these towns, you will not need to worry about finding a sweet shop to buy some treats.

Torino, Piedmont

Torino is the first town in Italy that you should visit. This is a chocolate paradise. This is actually not just any town, it is the capital of Piedmont. However, this is still the place to go if you want to taste some of the best sweet treats.The chocolate history of Torino goes as far back as in 1678 when the first cioccolateria was opened here. A cioccolateria is similar to what we know as cafés, where hot and cold chocolate drinks were sold. Today, you will find café on café where you can purchase all sorts of sweet gourmet treats.

Modica, Sicily

Another town in Italy that won’t disappoint chocolate lovers. Among the popular places that are making chocolate confectionery, Modica’s chocolate (cioccolato modicano) is dated as far back as the 1500s. It is known that this treat was first made in the city of Modica.This is a treat that you will only find in Modica, and really worth the trip to the town. As you go through the town, you will find a huge variety of confectionery and chocolate shops that are selling the famous Modica’s chocolate. It is recommended that you should purchase a couple of these treats to take home with you.

Traditional Chocolate Making in Italy
Naples, Campania

Naples, in Campania, has one of the best chocolatiers in the whole of Italy. The chocolatier is known as Gay Odin. Their first chocolate shop was opened in 1897 by Isidoro Odin and his wife Onorina Gay. Today, this is still a popular chocolatier that many people go to for their great taste in chocolate treats.At the moment there are more than 9 Gay Odin sweet shops, and they are all famous for their chocolates and the variety of their flavours. Even the chocolate drink that they serve is unique and special. A taste that you should definitely try when you are in the area.

Italy and chocolates: Match made in Heaven 

It might sound like a strange combination. However, Italy has some of the most well-known chocolatiers that are renown worldwide. If you are travelling to Italy, and you want to make sure that you are visiting the right cities for a taste of chocolate treats, then these three towns are a must visit. After a taste of Italian chocolates, you will never want to eat anything else. Other chocolates just don’t taste the same. They have some special recipes that no one else knows. This is why Italian chocolates and treats are special, and these three towns should be visited at least once.