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Love Opera, Love Lavolio

Opera is an impressive experience and one which is in tune with our vision at Lavolio. From start to finish, an opera intends to entertain an audience with their tumultuous twisted themes and singers amazingly acrobatic vocal skills. The overall refined and elegant experience of the opera cannot be mistaken

Opera - An Introduction Opera was born in Italy at the end of the 16th century and so Opera and the Italian language are synonymous with each other. The word “opera” itself translates as “work” in Italian! The first opera which is still performed today was La favola d’Orfeo (The Legend of Orpheus). Venice hosted the first commercial Opera house with its doors opening in 1637 and provided a platform to share operatic performances with a wider audience. While productions originally focused largely on pure music, today's productions have sophisticated staging, lighting and set elements to appeal to the broadest possible range of audience members while also maintaining the quality of musicianship. A feast for all the sense, you might see why we here at lavolio are a fan!!

Remember to use the interval wisely!! Operas by their nature are exhilarating and can be quite lengthy. It is important to use the small interval break to shrewdly refuel, by this we mean a glass of something bubbly and some exquisite treats! Lavolio collections have 30 different flavours throughout the range and we are sure you will find one of our handmade tastes which pair nicely with your selected opera theme. Whether it be romance, action, tragedy or heartache. Classic Italian confectionery for a classic Italian pastime.

While opera has traditionally been considered an elitist spectacle, it has moved into the realm of attainable luxury in recent times. For anyone looking for an introduction to opera, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from before heading straight to the Royal Opera House. We recently discovered a fantastic production of Cosi Fan Tutte, loosely translated to English as“Women are like that”. It is an Italian language opera written by Mozart and first performed in 1790 and still wowing audiences today.

So anticipate the plots, embrace the themes and bring along some Lavolio boutique sweets to enhance your opera experience and create an everlasting memory!

from the team at Lavolio


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