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What Are The Most Amazing Italian Sweets You Should Definitely Try?

Italian sweets are definitely among the most sophisticated sweets that exist all around the globe.

Are you surprised? What do you associate Italy with? What is your first thought about it? Pizza? Espresso? Italian chocolate? Exactly! Here, I want to talk about all the secrets Italian sweets can offer you. If you are planning to visit Italy, I hope this guide will help you.  Moreover, I want to invite you to try flavours you didn't even know existed.

Famous Italian sweets

I have a lot of friends who live all around the globe: all of them like Baci Perugina and Venchi. These confectionery brands are definitely amazing, but when creating Lavolio I did something different, to put artisan chocolate on a whole new level. You can guess what I did by yourself, can you? I am making handmade famous Italian sweets.

Lavolio Nutty Forest has become the favourite sweets among everyone who didn't believe that something crunchier and tastier than Ferrero Rocher could even exist. Let me tell you a bit more about my Italian chocolates so you can make the best decision when choosing marvellous sweets for yourself and the beloved people that surround you.

Nutty, fruity and coffee gifts

I have already mentioned how Italy is also famous among coffee lovers. What goes better with coffee than chocolate? Literally, nothing can be more delicious than that. For that purpose, I wanted to help people enjoy their precious moments in life with the finest Italian chocolates that exist worldwide.

If you are choosing a gift for someone you really love and care about, I can highly recommend to you to take a look at William Morris Fondant Lovelies, Nutty Forest, Arabian Nights, Fruity Garden, Coconut Follies or Decadent Spiced artisan chocolate.

For coffee lovers, the best choice would definitely be getting my Decadent Spiced sweets gift box, or else something nutty. You can choose from Almond Soft Nougat or Pistachio Soft Nougat. Of course, hazelnut, cocoa, and honey products are perfect for those who like the classics and are loyal to them. But believe me, you will become very adventurous about flavours once you try anything from my collections of famous Italian sweets.

Novelty gifts and their special meaning

When it comes to novelty gifts, I have only one opinion about them. You know how they say, everyone remembers big gestures and large gifts. But those who think about the small details that mean the world to us -those are the people that really care about us and love us. So, if you want to show someone how much you care about them, gift-wrapped chocolate is perfect for that.

You can get three medium gift tins on offer or you can try with the gift-wrapped miniature five keepsake tins. If you are looking for a large present for someone who is special to you, you will be completely confident about your choice if you get my Prosecco Willow Hamper. It is a traditional hamper which contains all of my 30 gourmet confectionery flavours and a bottle of premium Italian Prosecco.

I am glad you have taken some time to find out what the most famous Italian sweets are. Now, I hope you enjoy the flavours.