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The Most Original Wedding Favours You Can Find

Have you been imagining the perfect wedding in your head? We have all been there. I know that you may feel a little bit anxious and you may wonder if your wedding will turn out just fine, but believe me -it will. I want to show you how to create a memorable wedding by choosing the most sophisticated wedding favours.

Luxury Italian chocolates for perfect, memorable moments

While imagining your perfect wedding, you have probably realized how you focus on material things, and not the moments. That is exactly where your anxiety about the most special day of your life may come from. Don't let yourself focus only on the material things, but think about the moments and feelings as well.

What kind of chocolate confectionery will you offer to your guests? Let's remind ourselves how much everyone enjoys famous Italian sweets and chocolate gifts just for a moment. Italy is well known for the amazing flavours that easily everyone loves. My mission was to elevate them and bring them to London. And I succeeded. Let me tell you a story about two weddings so you can easily get the whole point.

Chocolate confectionery - which to choose?

While I was very young and still didn't run my own brand of Italian confectionery, I went to the wedding of my close friend. She also adored and knew the value of chocolate confectionery on special days. Therefore, her idea was to create some sort of ''Ferrero Rocher wedding''. Everyone likes Ferrero Rocher, there is no doubt about that. I remember all those smiles on people's faces while enjoying their chocolate moments and celebrating such a wonderful day. I knew I was born for that! So, I decided to put Luxury Italian chocolates on a whole new level, creating something healthier and more original than Ferrero Rocher.

Original Wedding Favours
Italian chocolate as ideal chocolate wedding favours 

Once I started running my own brand, everyone admitted how I literally created even more special chocolate confectionery than the famous Ferrero Rocher. I was so fascinated by how delicious flavours can be made in different, artisanal ways that I never stopped getting ideas. Therefore, if you want your wedding to be memorable in the most amazing way, you can take a look at my chocolate confectionery collections -Lavolio Nutty Forrest, Fruit Garden, Arabian Nights, Decadent Spiced and Coconut Follies. 

You can choose between nutty chocolate, marzipan filled ones, pistachio chocolate, black or white sugar shells, all gluten-free, vegetarian, with citrus or cocoa: 30 gourmet flavours.

Lavolio wedding favours will delight and surprise your beloved guests

Every wedding is special and unique, and I like when someone appreciates that. With a little bit of our help, you will be able to create personalised chocolate confectionery wedding favours for your big day. Also, I like when everyone is happy and therefore I have created different categories of chocolate confectionery for people who usually cannot enjoy every chocolate confectionery.  Gluten-free chocolate, vegetarian, nut free, dairy free chocolate and so on. Everyone will be able to enjoy the most luxurious sweets.

Are you ready to celebrate your wedding in the best possible way?

Once you try my handmade Italian chocolates, you will definitely want to get such amazing flavours for your wedding favours. I have thought about that, don't worry. Choose your favourite Lavolio chocolate collection, think about personalised cards, stickers and ribbons. These options are included in the price and they are definitely what makes them even more special. I am sure that you agree with that!