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Are You Ready For Easter?

This year, Easter will arrive on the 21st of April.

When you think for a moment, it is less than a month ahead. Did you think you had plenty of time to think about Easter gifts for the precious people that fulfil your life? Well, not that much... Easter is just around the corner. In that case, the best would be to start planning now. The good news is -I will help you to prepare yourself in the best way possible.

Choosing the best sweets shop in London

Finding an amazing confectionary shop where you will be able to choose among numerous gifts is definitely the first thing you should do. People tend to think that they must have an idea of the gift in their mind already when they go shopping. But the truth is, maybe you don't even know what the ideal gift may be if you don't know what exists on the market. I am sure you agree with that. Yet, no one ever made a mistake by choosing a chocolate gift set for their beloved family and friends, right? So, it is not that hard... Creativity, finest flavours, the best quality chocolate and amazing chocolate designs are what you are able to get for the people you love the most.

Types of Easter chocolate gift sets

Lavolio Chocolate besides, being that tasty and beautiful, has charm. That's its secret, definitely. It comes in various shapes, sizes, and flavours, so, everyone can enjoy it. That is exactly why it is a perfect gift for everyone from children to elders. For example, people around me are amazed by the Lavolio chocolate Nutty Mini Eggs I get for them. Even when they already know that I will give them that gift, they are always surprised. How do I achieve that? Actually, very easily. These are made from the finest Italian chocolate. Believe me, that is completely enough to delight and surprise them every single time. 

Italian Nougat Gift


For my colleagues, I like to get a special Italian sweet surprise: my gift-wrapped soft nougat which comes in a pack of 3. Its taste is amazing because of the toasted almonds, pistachios, honey, cocoa and hazelnuts. It is a sophisticated way to show them how much I appreciate to have them in my life. They always tell me how Ferrero Rocher, which was their favourite chocolate flavour before they tried Nutty Forest, is still not as good as these handmade soft nougats. And you know what? We all like Ferrero Rocher, but I am also happy and proud to be able to create something that is handmade and tastes even better. Why wouldn't you do the same and see the powerful effect these gifts bring?

Perfect Chocolate eggs to celebrate Easter

We all like celebrating Easter, don't we? Different ceremonies will be held all around the globe, so why not create such a festive atmosphere in your home as well? All those bunnies, eggs, and colours can come in chocolate form too. A bunny and eggs originally symbolized fertility and health. We all want to live that way, so let's celebrate what is best for us: health, happiness, the love of our closest people. That is what I wanted to achieve on a whole new level.

Would you like to get a chocolate gift set? Or how about chocolate Nutty Mini Eggs? Lavolio is the best sweets shop for that purpose. Happy shopping, enjoy it!