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Tips And Tricks For Your Romantic Italian Picnic

If you are in Italy with someone special, you are really lucky. Then, going on a romantic Italian picnic will be an experience that you will never forget, taking advantage of beautiful locations and great Italian food. But, if you are not in Italy and want to have the perfect romantic experience, an Italian-inspired picnic is a wonderful alternative. 

To make that happen, you will need to know a couple of things. Things like where to go for the best picnic, what you should take inside your hamper and what drinks will be best for your Italian picnic.

Simple picnic, or gourmet picnic?

This is the first thing that you should consider before you are going to your Italian picnic. Are you looking for a simple picnic with simple Italian food that you can purchase yourself? Or, are you looking for a gourmet picnic where you are ordering your picnic basket from a restaurant?

A simple picnic is a lot cheaper, and you can add some personal touches. With a gourmet picnic, you can treat your sweetheart with some delicious Italian treats that they will not taste anywhere else. This is why you should make sure that you know what type of picnic you are looking for.

Finding the best place for the picnic

The good news is that if you are in Italy, yit will be easy to find the best location for a romantic picnic. There are so many beautiful parks around the country that will be perfect for any type of picnic.

If you really don’t know where you can find the best picnic spot for having a romantic time, you should talk to a local. They might give you some places that you never knew existed. Making your picnic really special.

If you are not in Italy, a quick search on your computer will surely yield some amazing places for you to explore. But do not worry, even if you are not out in a park, for example in winter, there are so many amazing other places for an Italian picnic. 

Authentic Italian Food
Food and drink options that you should take with you

When it comes to the food that you want to take with you on your picnic, you should consider what you and your partner like to enjoy. Taking different pieces of bread, cheeses and cold meat with you is always a great idea. And, you can use our very own guide to Italian cheese to pick some good ones. Olives, seasonal fruit and some Lavolio Italian chocolates for pudding. You can choose what your sweetheart will enjoy most among 30 gourmet chocolate flavours.

With drinks, you can take Italian prosecco, wine or even just a cool drink or beer with you. It depends on the occasion. For a romantic picnic, some prosecco will be a great idea. At Lavolio, you can also find a bottle of Prosecco and five confectionery tins inside a gift hamper.

Having an Italian romantic picnic can be really special. This is if you know what food and drinks to take with you. And, to know where you should go to, for your picnic. With this guide, you will get some great advice about having a romantic picnic, and the food that you can enjoy with your special person. Making this an unforgettable experience.