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The Royal Family Loves Chocolate!

Did you know that the Royal Family loves chocolate?

The Royal family is famous everywhere in the world - but do you know what confectionery they love? For example, the royal family loves chocolate. Of course, the most important member of the Royal family is the Queen, and it's on her tastes that we will focus today. Although she is the highest ruler of the people of Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth maintains ordinary tastes when choosing her food, according to what has been revealed.

From the spicy Tabasco sauce to a can of a favourite soda, these are some of the cravings that are kept safe in the royal cupboard at Buckingham Palace.

A royal purchase order from the Queen means that an entire company has previously supplied her and her family with some of its products, for at least 5 to 7 years, and because of that patronage from the royals, it is a mark of excellence.

But what are the confectioneries that fill the shelves in the Buckingham Palace kitchen?

Confectionery Loved By The Queen

The royal family loves chocolate. Daily Mail has revealed the foods and drinks that are the monarch's favourites at 91 years of age. Is the Queen very fond of sweet treats? Yes. Her favourite dessert is a homemade chocolate chip cookie tart made by her royal chefs, of which she always asks for.

But like the rest of us, she likes to indulge in a candy bar every now and then. She prefers luxury chocolate brands like Prestat and Charbonnel et Walker - most famous for her truffles wrapped in a pink Marc de Champagne paper. Lavolio Confectionery is also among the small businesses that supplied the Royal Palace with delicious Italian chocolate sweets.

But Her Majesty indulges in more mundane chocolate as well. Cadbury makes her a special recipe for dark chocolate every Christmas for a chocolate dessert. That is why in two of its logos, the Royal coat of arms also appears as a sign of Royal Warrant. Nestlé also supplies the Royal Household. 

Royal Family loves chocolate

Champagne, notoriously luxurious drink ingested by refined societies, has received the seal of approval from the Queen's house.

Bollinger has held a Royal Order since 1884, when Queen Victoria granted it. And it has remained a staple of the Royal Household ever since.

The Queen is said to be a connoisseuse of gin. But if she decides on another tonic drink, she will probably choose one made by Schweppes, another company with a Royal Order.

It also appears that she and her family are consumers of soft drinks like Lucozade and Coca-Cola, which also have Royal Orders.

Aside from Champagne, the royal house has a few other favourite drinks. The Queen reportedly enjoys a glass of Dubonnet vermouth before lunch. Tanqueray Gordon & Co. makes Her Majesty's favourite gin.

All of these brands are recognisable and sold on supermarket shelves across the UK.


As for condiments, Heinz has been consumed by the Royal Family for 145 years. So it comes as no surprise that the company has a Royal Order. The monarch can enjoy several of its products such as the famous ketchup and even its beans to savour on rich toasts.

Queen Elizabeth spends every summer at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. It's no wonder that the Scottish family-run company Walkers has received the Royal Seal for both its rolls and Scottish oatcakes.

It was also announced that the Queen begins her day with a bowl of Kellogg's "Special K". However, Weetabix is another option for the Queen.

Premier Foods is another company that supplies the Royal Household. Recall that Mr Kipling made special cakes to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. It is a distinct possibility that the monarch enjoys several of the company's cakes.