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Best Things To Do In Italy This Christmas

You should definitely visit Italy for Christmas: there are so many wonderful things to do in Italy at this time of year. This is the thing about Italy and Christmas. They are going big. The festive feeling is all over Italy for a whole month. From the beginning of December to the beginning of January.

You want to experience the full Italian Christmas. So, where should you go and which things should you do in Italy during December? These are some of the best things to do in Italy this Christmas.

Nighttime strolls

Nighttime strolls around the town or city from the end of November to the beginning of January are definitely something that you should consider. This is because everywhere you look, you will see Christmas decorations, hear Christmas music and will see Christmas lights.

There isn’t another country that has as many Christmas decorations in their cities and towns as in Italy. Every town and every city will have something for you to see. You should dress warm and take a stroll down the street. You will be surprised about what you will find. The atmosphere is truly magical. 

Christmas markets

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for Christmas presents, or not. You need to visit the different Christmas markets all around Italy. Things that will make great presents for your friends and family back home. You can find Christmas markets pretty much in every single Italian town. They are bright, beautiful and full of good cheer. You can find a lot of artisanal objects, gourmet food items, toys and keepsakes, pieces of art and more. Nougats and roasted chestnuts, charcuterie and cheese. Honey is very popular, and handmade olive oil. 

This is also the place where you will find the most special Christmas offers. Deals that you will not find anywhere else, or at any other time. This is so special to walk from one stall to the next, listen to Christmas music and buying presents. Or treats for yourself! You never know how many good things you can find. 

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Cathedral visits on Christmas day or Christmas eve

On Christmas eve and on Christmas day, you need to make time to visit one of the Cathedrals. It is always open to the public, even on Christmas day. The atmosphere on these two days is completely different than on any other day of the year. Very festive, full of Christmas cheer, people singing carols, and an atmosphere of peace and quiet. Whether you are religious or spiritual, you can also just enjoy the beautiful architecture. 

Normally, the Cathedrals are special with a unique atmosphere. However, on Christmas eve and on Christmas day, it is even more special. You even might hear choirs singing Christmas carols.

If you are lucky enough to visit Italy over Christmas, then you need to make time to visit these places and experience these things. This is going to make your Italian Christmas experience only better. There are so many things that you can do and see in Italy, but over Christmas, you should make time for these three things. You will not regret it for sure.