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Unique Wedding Favours Ideas

There are many ways to thank your guests at your wedding reception, but one of the most popular ways is to give unique wedding favours, which is a small personalised gift.

Favours are the perfect occasion for newlywed couples to add yet another touch of personality.

There are so many options to choose from: are you going with a favourite candy? Favourite drink? Or a souvenir that guests can take home? To help decide, we've come up with several unique wedding favours ideas that will wow your guests. From personalised candies to interesting presentations - every item is sure to put a smile on your face and create a great memory.

Once you have decided on the perfect gifts for your guests at your wedding or the perfect favours to give, let your imagination run wild, and make your guest gifts original, such as with personalised boxes, ribbons, and cards to make your guests feel extra special.

Mini Glass Jar For Jam

These mini glass jars filled with homemade jam are a lovely way to thank guests for coming. Have fun putting on a personalized ribbon for even more originality.

Mini Mason Jar / Personalised Labels / Satin Ribbon / Personalised Sticker

How about giving your guests a hot chocolate mix? Cocoa powder, milk powder and mini marshmallows presented in adorable mini mason jars. Personalise them with a cute label or tag attached to a satin ribbon or a personalised sticker. This gourmet idea will surely delight your guests.

Did you know we offer a very similar service at Lavolio? Bespoke miniature tins filled with Italian confectionery, which you can personalise with a ribbon, tag, leaflet etc.

Cake Boxes

Here is a touching detail for your guests, a table full of sweets for them. To please your guests, simply take personalised cake boxes with a ribbon, and fill them with sweets.

Wedding Guest Gifts Mint Candy Bar

Refresh the spirits and breath of your wedding guests. Arrange peppermint candies or sweets in a bowl, offer them cute portable little containers, and let your guests fill them and take them away.

Miniature Succulent Plants

How adorable would it be for each one of your guests to receive their own tiny succulent? Include a cute/personalised pot for the perfect guest gift.

Homemade cookies

Surprise your guests with homemade cookies. Complete the look with beautiful pouches and personalised handwritten labels.

Small Champagne Bottles

Even when the wedding ends, you can keep the celebration going. Why not gift your guests with small champagne bottles? Be sure to pick your favourite brand, and you can add personalisation by customising the labels. You can also choose a beer, wine, juice, or even brewed coffee.


Fans are a great idea to decorate your wedding table depending on the colour or theme. Give beautiful fans to your guests, especially for summer weddings. A much-used accessory in the summer and your guests will appreciate the extra breeze and can reuse them again and again.