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How To Celebrate Valentine's Day Social Distancing?

COVID-19 social distancing rules and long-distance relationships have one thing in common: they are difficult and complicated. Especially if you're trying to celebrate Valentine's Day social distancing.

Lack of contact can break a couple's foundations. Only the strongest social distance couples maintain stability through patience, sincerity, and understanding.

However, despite what many think, social distance couples can continue to lead relatively normal lives, celebrating even the most romantic date of all: Valentine's Day. It just takes a little imagination and romance. In this way, you will enjoy this day like any other couple in the world. Do you want some Valentine's day ideas to carry out this grandiose plan?

A Romantic Evening Via Skype

Celebrate Valentine's Day on Skype: it almost feels as if you and your partner are in the same place. Your regular means of communication will also help you to stay in touch on this special date. Before starting the video call, you can decorate your room with festive motifs typical of Valentine's Day: balloons, candles, streamers, banners. This way, you will totally get into the atmosphere. After enjoying dinner together, watching a movie, chatting and exchanging gifts, or even sleeping with the active connection.

Express Gift Delivery

Valentine's day social distancing is not incompatible with good gifts. Another option is to send a gift to the place where your partner is, with a delivery date of February 14. There's no reason both of you can't enjoy these kinds of details from a distance. Covid-19 restrictions might have kept you apart, but there are services available to ensure your lovely gifts get to each other. You can send valentine's day social distancing gifts like chocolate hampers, valentine's cards, and other related romantic gifts.

Food gifts are obviously a very popular choice for Valentine's day, and especially while social distancing, sharing something together is a way to feel closer. Besides personalised gifts, think about sending a bottle of something to drink, whether alcoholic or not, to have a toast together. Flowers and plants are always a good choice. A tin of Lavolio Italian Confectionery is even better!

Valentine's day social distancing

The Power Of Social Media

Prepare a video declaration of love and share it with the world. Use the most useful tool of the 21st century: social networks. Share your feelings on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, accompanying the message with a photograph that shows all your love. Grand gestures, even if technological, are still appreciated.

However, if this valentine's day social distancing idea falls short, you can also turn to one of the most popular platforms worldwide. Record a video full of romance and upload it to YouTube. Let everyone see who you love!

The Most Traditional Option

Sending love letters is a practice that has been lost over time. For that reason, the last thing your partner will ever expect is to receive a letter written in your own hand. In the era of new technologies, this practice has fallen into disuse. However, it adds a much more intimate and meticulous touch to your words, and if you also include a small gift or photograph inside the envelope—it will be a much better Valentine's day social distancing gift.