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3 Ingredients That Will Turn Any Dessert Into An Italian Dessert

You have visited Italy, or eaten at a true Italian restaurant, and you have found out that their desserts and pastries are just the best. Now, you are back in your own country, you want to turn the dessert that you always make into an Italian dessert.

Is this possible, and what top ingredients you need to add to give it that true Italian dessert twist? These are the 3 ingredients you can swap or add to your normal dessert recipe to transform it into an Italian dessert that your friends and family will love.

Mascarpone cheese instead of cream cheese

Many beloved desserts that are very popular nowadays include cream cheese as an ingredient. Especially when it comes to cream cheese icing and cheesecakes. However, if you want to make sure that you are changing your everyday dessert into an Italian dessert, there is one thing that you should do.

You should make sure that you are swapping or adding to the cream cheese some mascarpone cheese. This will give your normal cheese treats a special Italian flavour. This type of spreadable, soft cheese might be hard to find in some countries, but if you have this available, this is something that you should try for sure. 

Authentic Italian dessert
Italian dark chocolates instead of cooking dark chocolate

There are many treats and desserts that call for melted chocolate. Especially And if you're like me, you will want to choose dark chocolate. We are normally purchasing cooking dark chocolate because this is the cheapest to purchase and they melt the fastest.

However, after you have tasted Italian chocolate desserts, you might want to get the same results. And changing the normal cooking chocolate to dark Italian chocolate will give you the best results. Most of your friends and family will think that you have used a completely different recipe. Instead, you just changed the type of chocolate that you have used to a better-quality, delicious alternative.

Italian coffee instead of normal strong coffee 

When it comes to making tiramisu and other coffee desserts, there is no escaping the fact that the best quality coffee you use, the best flavour the final product will have. 

No one does coffee as well as Italians. In order to make sure that you achieve the best tiramisu, that will taste like the Italian versions, or the best coffee and walnut cake, or any other coffee dessert, you should change the coffee that you normally add. Spend a little money and add true Italian coffee to the dessert. This is highly recommended for any dessert that you are making that has coffee as an ingredient. The taste will be different for sure.

When it comes to Italian desserts, and the signature desserts that we are trying to make at home, there is a difference in the taste. This is because we are using our ingredients, and not the ingredients that Italians are using. The moment you use these Italian ingredients in your bakes and desserts, you will taste the difference. And your family and friends will love your version. This isn’t just something you can do with Italian recipes. You can take any recipe that needs these ingredients and change it to Italian ingredients. Giving you a great Italian dessert.