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Why Italians Make The Best Chocolate Mini Eggs In London?

Have you ever wondered how it is possible for one country to be renown for something so special like chocolate mini eggs? 

The truth is, it is not about the country, but about the people who live in it. For so long, Italians have been making amazing chocolate desserts and confectionery. And you know what? That is my passion too! The ''only thing'' that is different with my confectionery is that it is made from healthy ingredients, it is award-winning, and suits everyone's lifestyle.

What is the best sweet shop in London for chocolate mini eggs?

When it comes to chocolate mini eggs, my luxury Lavolio confectionery collections offer delicious and refreshing flavours. They are a perfect dessert after a meal, at a party, and any special occasion that you truly want to enjoy in life. In my London sweets shop, you can choose the best chocolate mini eggs to satisfy your ''sweet needs''. Therefore, I can proudly offer you Coconut Follies, Nutty Forest, Arabian Nights, Fruit Garden, Decadent Spiced, and my Easter favourite, Nutty Mini Eggs. All these luxury confectionery are handmade and presented in amazing keepsake tins that will completely make the whole ''sweet ritual'' even more perfect.

Are Nutty Mini Eggs your new favourite chocolate confectionery?

Are you searching for some new amazing flavours? Do you enjoy chocolate confectionery that is sophisticated and looks luxurious? Then, your perfect choice will definitely be chocolate mini eggs which are made from by finest Italian artisans. These are definitely the most delicious chocolate mini eggs you can try ''in the whole world''. At least, that is what the fans of the best sweet shop in London say about it. 

Easter chocolate eggs
Dark chocolate mini eggs and Italian candy box

Many people from all around the globe constantly ask me how I manage to create such amazing flavours. The truth is, I don't think much about it. Everything I do, I do with love and dedication.

For so long, I have enjoyed making people happy. When it comes to dark, gianduia and white chocolate mini eggs, countless people claim how that is their favourite sweet which goes perfectly with coffee or espresso. Besides that, many people prefer dark chocolate because it is healthier. Now, you are able to enjoy the best flavours while being sure that you won't ruin your diet or health.

When it comes to Italian candy box, I have always worked on fulfilling everyone's needs. Different people have different preferences, and there is nothing wrong with that. Instead, I am happy how numerous people have already found their favourite chocolate confectionery in my best sweet shop in London.

What is your favourite flavour? Do you like nutty chocolate? Or do you prefer a candy box more? You can be completely sure that you will fulfil all the needs you have when it comes to finding a perfect chocolate confectionery. Do it easily with my collections.

Lavolio, William Morris and Nutty Forest offer you a wide range of different tastes, starting from aromatic ones, coconut flavours, marzipan, floral, or mixed flavours, chocolate with almonds, citrus or cocoa... This list is almost endless.

Have you decided what is your favourite flavour of chocolate eggs from my best sweet shop in London?