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Chocolate Favours For Special Events In Italy

Italy. Where everything is big. Especially chocolate favours, when it comes to celebrating special events, like birthdays, baptisms and first communions.

Let me explain how these three things are connected, and why you can’t celebrate these important events, without at least a form of chocolate. 


Italy and family. Italians are really serious about family and family values. They know how important family is and they enjoy buying presents for their family members.In fact, they love buying presents so much that they normally start thinking about it way before the actual event.

It is very important that your guests also get gifts. Everyone in the family is getting them, but they are sure to remember your special event even without favours. However, you want to make sure your guests have a reminder of the occasion. Even small chocolate favours would do because it is the idea of giving and showing the love that counts.


Chocolates are really popular in Italy. There are a lot of chocolatiers making Italian chocolates. And, no Italian will be surprised to get real Italian chocolates as favours. The great thing about Italian chocolates is that you can buy them, even if you are not staying in Italy. There are many online Italian chocolate stores where you can purchase chocolate favours online.

This isn’t just a way to buy something, just because you don’t know what else to purchase. Chocolates are important in Italy, and chocolate favours say “I love you” so perfectly. Especially, if you are purchasing homemade chocolates from one of the chocolate shops on the corner. If there aren’t any chocolates in the favours, then there will be chocolates as snacks, or as dessert. But, one thing is clear. There will not be a celebration in Italy without any chocolate.

lavolio wedding favours

Sugar-coated chocolate or sugar-coated almonds are really popular. That's because the sugar-coating naturally preserves the sweet treat. If you are giving favours to your guests at your special event, you do not want them to spoil. With celebrations in Italy, you are combining chocolates, family, and gifts together. 

Sometimes the favours come into small plastic or fabric pouches. But a nice idea for your chocolate favours is to present them in metal tins. That way, you can be plastic-free, think of the environment, and allow your guests to keep the tin after they eat the chocolate. Especially if it is a beautiful tin.

Special events

This is something that you need to experience at least once if you are in Italy. Special events include all religious ones like baptism, first communion, confirmation, weddings, but also birthdays, dinner parties and corporate events. 

The whole atmosphere of these events is different in Italy. You feel the festive atmosphere, the excitement for the celebration, which is bigger and bolder. Italians always make sure that they are celebrating big. With family, with food and with showing love.

So, giving chocolate gifts for your special events is a great way of showing your love to your guests. Especially when you are living in Italy. There isn’t a person in Italy that won’t be able to celebrate this special time of year. And, if you want to make sure that you are celebrating your special events in other countries, but the Italian way, you should include chocolate gifts for everyone.