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Italian Handmade Chocolates And Pizza

When you think about a country, there is always something that immediately comes to mind. This is particularly true with Italy. When most people think about this sunny country, they think about italian handmade chocolates and pizza.

Some might think about olive oil and great pastries. But, one thing is for sure: chocolates and pizza is perhaps the most popular things about Italy. Here are some interesting facts about Italy, its handmade chocolates, and pizza

Why tourists find Italy special

Before we talk handmade chocolates and pizza, do you know why tourists find Italy so special? Why do so many tourists choose to make Italy their number one country to visit?

Because for Italians, good food, sweet life and family come first. Family is crucial in order to live your best life, and every family is quite gastronomic. This is why family dinners tend to be quite a big deal when everyone is coming together at the table. And, why there are always celebrations for everything. Because they want to celebrate with the people that are the most important to them.  This is also partly why Italians are so friendly towards tourists. It's so great to visit because you are also able to experience some of this way of living: la dolce vita.

Traditional Handmade chocolate
Italian handmade chocolates

If you think that the number one country for chocolates is Switzerland, then you should think again. Italy has been producing world-renown handmade chocolates for more than 300 years. The first chocolates made in Italy were made with the cocoa beans that the explorer Antonio Carletti discovered in Spain. 

So, if you are looking for the best-tasting chocolates, you should buy imported Italian chocolates, if you can’t buy chocolates in Italy. Luckily, with technology, it is easier to purchase Italian chocolates, no matter in which country you are currently living. Ordering online from the best Italian chocolatiers is every chocolate lover’s dream come true.

Italian chocolate tastes better because they are using higher quality cocoa beans. Most famous chocolatiers have a history of making their chocolates by hand, with methods and traditions which date back centuries. 


Yes, you can buy and enjoy a pizza anywhere in the world. But, it will never taste the same as an Italian pizza. And that is because, as many people now, pizza was invented in Italy. In Naples, to be precise. The secret of the Italian pizza dough, besides its high-quality ingredients, is that it's leavened overnight, sometimes even for 48 hours. That means that, when the dough is baked in an extremely hot wood-fired oven, the pizza actually takes about just 3 minutes to cook!

And, if this isn’t enough, Italy has a variety of cheese that can be put on the pizza. Mozzarella of course, but also buffalo mozzarella, burrata, pecorino, Parmigiano, ricotta... No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to make a pizza that will taste anything like an Italian pizza.

Pasta, olive oil, great landscapes, and friendly locals. This are just a few of the elements that make Italy so special. But the two things that really come to mind when thinking about it are Italian handmade chocolates and pizza. You can purchase Italian chocolates online to enjoy the real deal wherever you are, but you will have to find your local Neapolitan pizzeria for some delicious handmade pizza.